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5 arguments in the direction of the online store

Economics student at the Dnipropetrovsk National University. Oles Gonchar few months ago, opened another online store. He has them now two. Upfront investments into the project are a couple of hundred dollars. Enterprising and industrious student manages to combine both school and work at the same time, he said that online trading – the best way to earn extra money. Here are 5 reasons why.


Internet trade in Ukraine is currently developing a dynamic than in the U.S. over the past 5 years the market has grown by 6 times. Ukraine is not the leader of the density of traditional shops, quite the contrary, therefore, a predisposition to distant trade is obvious. But to dwell on one country is not worth it. A potential buyer may be located anywhere.

Small input threshold

Rental of retail space in the center of Dnepropetrovsk is worth about $ 60 per month for 1 m ?. The amount required to open a simple online store, about the same. In this virtual storefront as opposed to off-line can contain an unlimited number of products. “Open a good, high-quality online shop – it’s not much cheaper than the open network of several off-line points. But it is cheaper than opening a couple dozen off-line stores “- says Oleg, the owner of Internet shop of home appliances. Conclusion: If you plan to grow, it is cheaper to open an online store.

Additional sales channel

All retailers selling household appliances already have their own online stores. If in the classical store in times of crisis sales fell by 25-45%, sales in shops on the contrary increased to 40-80%. Online now already out large retail and small players, sellers of food. Basically, all the restaurants are already taking an order, not only through the telephone, but also through feedback on the site. True to withdraw completely to the Internet can not be major players in the internet is now present in most young people, but as an additional sales channel online store – a great option.


But there is another side of the coin, the positive, the rate of attraction of the Internet audience is much higher than in traditional advertising, for example in the morning running an advertising campaign, the company in the field of food can make about $ 100,000 turnover per hour.

Growing demand

Buyers are increasingly paying attention to prices. But the Internet can reduce them by at least 5%, and sometimes in the 30%, as opposed to traditional stores, where it can be done. 52% of users admitted to myself that the main advantage of Internet purchases – a benefit in economic terms.

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