Top 5 online stores in the world | Предприниматель

Top 5 online stores in the world – the largest online retailer in the world. In this online shop you will find everything from watches to books and tires. In 2009 the company generated $ 24.5 billion, is 28% more than in the previous 2008. – a solid part of the Empire apple of Steve Jobs. One of the largest sellers of music on the Internet. Recently, iTunes under pressure record labels to abandon its proprietary services – selling tracks at the same price for 99 cents. – the world’s largest seller of shoes online. Turnover footwear e-commerce was $ 1 billion per year. This giant trade based Suinmurnom Nick at the end of the 1990s. When the other online retailers in the fight for competitive advantage reduced prices, Zappos their raised, citing reliable service and high quality service. As a result, 40% of customers make orders in Zappos again and again. In the summer of 2009 promulgated by the fact of the sale of the online store group, the deal was closed in the sum of more than $ 800 million – the world’s largest online auction. eBay in 2008 showed a profit of $ 8.5 billion (which includes $ 2.4 billion revenue from the electronic payment system PayPal, which also belongs to the holding eBay). – the store’s biggest sales of products for the office, from pens, pencils and markers to furniture, laptops and software. The company began operations in 1986 in Florida, where the selling office supplies as a normal traditional shop in 2009, is a company gain by selling $ 12.1 billion in revenue (including in online sales account for $ 4.2 billion) in 52 countries.

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