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6 errors restaurateur in HR

Reputation restaurant depends on its employees. And despite the fact that staff turnover 70% per year – a normal situation. Almost all the restaurants are from this serious financial losses, but the restaurant owners in most cases, indifferent to the problem of retention. There are six common mistakes that restaurateurs are doing.


Restaurant Management personnel often refer to as thieves and idlers, the place where there is a quick replacement. With such an attitude creates a hostile atmosphere and lack of interest in the overall success, which guarantee a high percentage of turnover. This directly affects the revenue the restaurant.

Ignoring the views of staff

not consider the opinions of staff – a big mistake . In this way communication channel with chopped visitors institution. It is necessary not only to listen to the views of employees, but also actively engage in their operational management. Creating new dishes and drinks, the development of work schedules, activities – all this helps staff to become involved in the process and helps him to be implicated in the business, it is well motivated. The most effective way to establish communication with the staff – personal and confidential communication, because the general planning meetings almost always result in mass discontent and complaints.

Lack of incentives for result

waiter – the seller of your product to the visitor . A lack of motivation he has to sell this product will significantly reduce the average check. Set goals for the staff and be sure to mark the award for achieving results. The waiter will necessarily seek with you, if it is convinced that the achievement of the objectives will be followed by her promotion. Many schemes – from a small percentage of each check up bonus for selling a certain number of dishes, or, for example, who would sell a portion of the elite alcohol also need to give a bonus for the best result. Do not forget that these programs can be created with suppliers who are happy to offer discounts and bonuses to motivate.

Ignoring the problem staff

Not all restaurants can afford to pay for courses and training for staff. But the absence of basic training of its own – a big mistake. This may be a simple weekly lecture about one of the food or drink , which you offer your guests, followed by wine tasting, this will allow the waiters to get all the necessary information for the job. Knowing the ingredients and calorie content, method of preparation, taste dishes in the end – the necessary knowledge for the staff. The waiter has to understand what was going on, because without this knowledge it will not be able to select and recommend a particular dish to the visitor, if you have not tried it myself and not about him not the slightest idea. In addition to internal training, to use lectures and advice, which offer their own suppliers . They are professionally talk about your product and how to use it. Quality education also affects the increase of motivation of the staff.

Lack of attention to detail

Missing parts of your employees, you might miss important issues for the staff themselves. Thus, finishing the work of the restaurant at two o’clock, management often does not reflect how employees get home. While the main restaurant industry workers – young people and students for whom even small amounts are critical. Caring for transportation, food and other essential little things will be very important for anyone, in fact it is his moral motivation.

Improper distribution tip and working areas

Everyone knows that the main motivation for the staff restaurant – tipping. But it happens that they take the owners or the distribution system is not fair tip. There is a position which few people know that “at least daily.” This amount, which is compensated in the event of shortfall in the restaurant tip of the day. Management must develop the most efficient distribution scheme tip. There are some types of institutions in which, for various reasons (the mentality of visitors, size, segment, etc.), Gratuities not included. In this case, applying a different scheme for payment with the payment of interest on the proceeds. There is also the distribution of the working area must be true. Otherwise, the waiters and then will do something to fight for the best tables, which will lead to hostility and a sense of injustice. Task Management – create an atmosphere in which to earn will be equally at all.

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