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9 tips on how to build a dream team for a startup

Why talented skateboarder with no work experience will be useful for a startup than a mid-level professionals.

Creating efficient business is the main goal of any entrepreneur. You can not do it alone. You will need to recruit allies, and it is from them will depend on the success of your business. And the companions, not workers. For a start the professionalism and quality execution of work is needed, but that’s not all requirements. Need to stress mental and physical strength, increased commitment, and even a change of priorities in life. Money ceases to be the primary motivator and fade into the background. For a complete surrender to the person needs to grieve for the cause. Task manager – to find and retain such personnel is to build a dream team. Here are some basic rules to help you achieve this.

Hire the best

First and foremost – you can not save on a pro. Of course, expensive, difficult to interest them, and to keep, but their effectiveness will cover and exceed all costs. You do not need to monitor the whole process of work to spend time explaining and correcting the mistakes of others, to do the work for them, and then change the team, re-education spending. One “superspetsialist” better of two mid-level. In the allocation of your existing budget, divide it into two parts. One part – only for the team, and the other – we are all the other costs.

Look heroes

You need not only those who are good, or even a very good job with their work, looking for those who have achieved great success – at least in anything. This may be skateboarding or crochet. It might not be a self-sufficient criterion, but one who has shown outstanding results in any case, are more likely to be devoting all their time to your project and is unlikely to leave you halfway. After all, he was able to prove that his chosen path laid out by 100% and reaches the goal. Then it all depends on you – if you can capture it for new heroics.

Become a while HR-director

From your involvement in the process of recruiting staff directly dependent chances of finding exactly the right people to you. No, even the best HR will do it for you. It can adequately assess professional experience, but can not “feel” the energy potential of human ability and willingness to work at high speeds and with strict deadlines. It is you, as a leader, be able to understand how the applicant will fit you not only as a professional and as a person, if you can work together, and how strong his “fighting spirit.” During the formation of the key commands the future of the company you will need to do to become HR-director.

Play the ambitions

The right staff to get complicated, but even harder to keep them. Most often it is easy to find work, and wages – not always their top priority when choosing a new location. What is their motivation? Of course, the challenge non-standard tasks, the possibility of self-realization. These people are moving in start-ups because of his own ambition and ambition. – Your task is to use them for the benefit of the quality of the case. Make the tough deadlines, high speeds and high loads challenge professional qualities, the incentive to search for unconventional solutions and creativity. No matter what you need to do – change the design or improve KPI sales. Add the excitement, fuel a fighting spirit, and teach people to enjoy and to make matters forward. After all of this, and they came in a startup.

not insulate the department from each other

Next you need to organize the effective work. The optimal structure for a startup suggests solutions to common business problems through the involvement of specialists in different fields. From the beginning, do not need to turn the department into isolated from each other “islands” that focus only on solving their own problems. For example, when developing an IT platform we engage in the process of marketing. They describe the needs of consumers and the market that you want to lay in it. To join the process of product managers, “transform” the market terminology into plain language of IT professionals. This relationship is sure to give a synergistic effect. In turn, IT professionals, understanding the needs of the business may propose improvements to enhance the effectiveness of marketing professionals.

Do not be afraid to change people

People can work well, but not laying out at 100%, as would be desirable for you. But you reconciled with it, considering that any way better than nothing at all. Relying on the average level of work you and your startup does not raise above the average. Set yourself a question: I would choose the same people re-assembling the team? If so, then it could be in the other – in the wrong setting priorities or workflow. If not, it is better to act right away, it is too late. Anyone can make a mistake, but if he can not analyze shortcomings and continues to make the same mistakes, it is better to fire him. This also applies to you. Only your “dismissal” of the business will follow directly from your inability to make tough decisions and your own indecision.

Take the fire itself

Only when a new project is being developed, the team is small, and work, on the contrary, very much. And even when optimally competent tasking and prioritizing correctly you will need to take part in all business processes, to control every step and ultimately be responsible for any outcome, successfully achieved or unachieved. Somewhere flawed functional apparent technical flaws, not as fast sales are in the end, it stalled. Who is to blame? No technical director or sales manager – only the leader. Even if you have multiple partners, in making difficult decisions all the team should know who will have the final word. You are carrying a huge burden of responsibility – in front of your team to investors, customers, in front of your family and yourself. The only thing you can do – be patient and philosophical approach to all challenges. In the end, you choose.

Delegate authority

To be responsible for the business does not mean you have to do everything myself. Do not forget that the passing of the work of another person, you need to give him and the right decisions. No need to endlessly interfere in the work of every employee and do it yourself regardless of the urgency and complexity of the problem. On the basis of experience, it can be argued that with the development of the enterprise, team cohesion and increase mutual trust constant monitoring leader becomes weaker, and the knowledge of the workers tends to rise. No need to slow down this natural course of events.

Do not change your principles

Each of us has their own ideas about what is good and what is bad. Discuss ethics and morality in business – a thankless job. Just everyone has a line that he was in any case not cross. And everyone is their own. To whom it may be easy to dismiss the father of five children, and someone torment the conscience, if he raise his voice to a subordinate. General recommendations here. It happens that the hard times are coming, and then you have to make difficult decisions. There is a good way to understand Step back to you through their own moral boundaries: Imagine that the choice you need to justify to the audience full of people. If you falter, it will show that, in its decision you are sure that it comes from within, and therefore it is correct. Not at all correct, but specifically for you and your business. Always follow your beliefs, be confident.

And the last – like people who work in your business, try to make their life better in every way possible. And you are sure to get out!

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