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9 students – entrepreneurs start their own business

For the kitchen from wet floors and socks for team games , different flavors of protein shakes and many other ideas that could be implemented without large investments.Can I start a business while studying? Easily. Nine American students and graduates who have managed to open a business and receive a $ 100,000 annual income while studying at university. Some were in the public universities , and some – in private elite institutions . Their designs are totally different, but they all ambitny , optimistic and with entrepreneurial drive.

Kevin Dzhelfand , 23 years : engaged in manufacturing of protein shakes

Company founder Kevin Shake Smart Dzhelfand in June 2012 he graduated from the State University of San Diego.

It all started in June 2010 when , coming out of the gym , Kevin realized how unpleasant to drink a protein shake warm , so even with the lumps . Kevin remembers that he was like this cocktail on the dirt .

Then he decided to prepare their own protein shake with fruit and even so skim milk . This drink is not only maintained the desired effect , but it was very tasty. Then Kevin told his friend to the gym Martin Reiman about his discovery and asked for his help.Then his partner came up with more than 60 different recipes , and tested the resulting beverages for 20 friends. Then mix of 60 they selected 15 , among which was the “chocolate frosty ” , which consisted of agave nectar , ice, milk and chocolate protein powder. Thanks to the family and friends they managed to raise $ 50,000 to open a kiosk near the gym, which they called Shake Smart. To cover the cost of the kiosk , they had to sell at 60 such shakes a day.

Shake Smart was a revelation , and from day one partner failed to sell at 120 shakes per day , and within six months the team Shake Smart consisted of 12 people. In addition, in August last year signed an agreement with the university.

Last spring, in the commercial center of San Diego boys opened their views around the clock next to the Sports Club . Kevin expects to receive $ 740,000 of income by the end of this year.

Abraham Alexander , 23 years old : invented the cure for wet floors

The founder of the company Alexander Abraham DripCatch now graduated from Seattle University .

The story begins with DripCatch May 2010 , when a waitress in a luxury hotel Salish Lodge, Washington, fell on his back, slipping on a wet floor. This was itself Alexander Abraham . Did not hurt , it was a shame , because in all the restaurants in which a student was working , had to deal with wet floors.

Then Alexander turned to his boss asking you to set special containers in which they intended to drop off the shelves , where there was just washed dishes . But the boss said that such tanks does not exist. Alexander could not believe it, so I started searching the Internet . But it gave no results , so the student has established itself in black plastic tray size 50 × 50 cm is attached to a pallet shelves , which were put in the dishwasher . Then, for the production of this tank came from a Chinese company , and itself has been called DripCatch.

Such a pallet for $ 50 was very useful American restaurateurs , as fall on wet floors often end in lawsuits totaling about $ 2 billion to Alexander supported the famous Seattle chef Tom Douglas , through which she was able to raise $ 81,000 .But to start a business was not easy . Abraham had to take a leave of absence , during which she combined two of work to pay the bills . After another conflict with the Chinese manufacturer , she decided to work with a local company that made pallets smaller parties and a $ 3 cheaper.

In May of this year, Alexander presented his invention at the National Restaurant Association , which was held in Chicago. She has already managed to sell 600 pallets , and now she expects for the current year will receive $ 1 million of income. Already in September, Alexander again begin their studies at the university.

Sam Barnett , 22 years : created a model for investment

The founder of SBB Research Group Sam Barnett in June 2012, he graduated from the California Institute of Technology .Sam Barnett hails from Highland Park, Illinois , where his father owned a company engaged in investment. Therefore, since childhood, Sam’s developed an interest in the securities market. As a 10 -year-old child, Sam persuaded his father to buy shares of Emerson Electric, which in a few months up to a quarter of the price . By the time Sam went to the University , its portfolio amounted to $ 250,000 .

Since January 2010 , Sam Barnett began using a computerized quantitative model for investment. According to Sam , thanks to this model, you can get good returns when the S & P is increasing and not suffer a loss when it falls. During the first quarter of trading the S & P rose by 7%, while investments Barnett – 31% . When this was learned finance professor at the University of California , he presented a student group of investors from Taiwan, who subsequently invested in the development of $ 2 million was set so SBB Research Group.

When the fund Barnett was $ 50 million , he hired a 38 -year-old Matt Eyvena , who worked previously chief operating officer at one broker – dealer from Chicago. His first year of trading Fund completed in February with a rate of return of 18.7 % with the index index S & P 0,97%. Since September, Barnett began teaching at Northwestern University on a doctoral program in finance. By this time, he plans to create another fund of $ 50 million

Oliver Bogner , 19 years has found his calling in reilizatsii reality show

The company’s founder , Oliver Bogner is a second-year student at the University of Chapman . 13 – year-old child , Oliver convinced my grandmother to invest in it . He wanted to become a DJ , and for that he needed to buy audio equipment for $ 1,000. By age 15, Oliver has already spent more than 100 parties a year , earned $ 100,000 , and it worked for 15 friends . At that time he was a student in high school in Beverly Hills.

Then the 51 -year-old father of Olivier , a former producer at the time , suggested to his son that you can earn by conducting television reality show. Then Oliver created the concept , which he called the “Prince of partying 90210 ,” which immediately bought him a cable channel , but on the initial draft shows no progress . But Oliver did not give up . As he says , when he realized what would have wanted to do all my life.

In the 19 years he worked as an executive producer on the reality television in Los Angeles, being the youngest member of this profession. He sold about 50 projects a reality show , 10 of which have bought cable channels , among them Animal Planet, and Oxygen, and Lifetime. As a producer , Oliver gets from 3 to 10 % of the budget of each sales project. At such transactions he has managed to earn about $ 100,000 . There are no project is running on TV in kachastve series, but Special screening have already been implemented : for example , the channel Oxygen is introduced to the audience the show Me Love Scouts, and the other two shows will be on the air in the fall .

First, Oliver wanted to go to the University of Southern California, which is very famous among the producers of the entertainment industry . But then he decided to study in the University of smaller, and therefore enrolled at the University of Chapman . According to him, he decided to make the name of the university because it will learn.

Riley Goodman , 22 years : created socks for lacrosse players

The company’s founder Strideline Riley Goodman is a graduate student at Washington University .

Riley , along with his classmate Director Jake always wanted to establish their own business. But friends and did not reach down to it, while each of their teams playing lacrosse did not get into a car accident . Fortunately, he survived and escaped unhurt , but from the moment the friends decided to act. Then they parked the car Riley on a hilltop just outside of Seattle and decided to stay in this place until they come up with an idea for a business. After 4 hours, the idea emerged : the guys decided to create high -quality socks designed for the game of lacrosse .

Received from parents at graduation $ 1,400 , Riley and Jake using Microsoft Paint developed the design of socks and decided to assess the demand for it , using online resources such as Alibaba.com and Tradekey.com. On models depicted a symbol of Seattle – Space Needle tower , which rises above the horizon. Three months later the friends sold the entire batch of 1,000 shares at a price of $ 6 per pair . At this time they also attended lectures on business, finance and marketing.

To date, 25 stores in Seattle sells socks under the brand Strideline at $ 12 per pair . According to Riley Goodman , the turnover of the company has already reached $ 200,000 , half of which was profit. This summer, friends have come up with 11 new design ideas , which included a panorama of St. Louis, New York and San Francisco.

Ansar Khan , 23 years old : iPad app helps in accepting orders

The company’s founder Refulgent Software Ansar Khan in May 2011, he graduated from the University of Buffalo.

When Ansara and his friend James O’Lieri the idea of ​​creating a more convenient method of processing orders , they worked as waiters at the family restaurant Ansar Kabab & Curry. Then on the market were very expensive computerized system, and therefore they decided that applications for mobile phones iPad and iPod Touch will be much cheaper.

Friends lent his parents Khan $ 32,000 and began work on the application. Earlier, he studied at the University of O’Lieri computer technology. Friends were working in the basement of his mother’s house O’Lieri , application development itself took 10 months , it took another six months for testing. They managed to find a buggy , because of which the system is hung and lost orders 50 buyers.

Ambur application failed to start in the App Store for $ 999 in April 2011 . Only 6 weeks there was a first buyer : a small Greek restaurant in New York. To date, the application has already installed 265 restaurants in 14 countries worldwide. This year, Khan expects to receive about $ 850,000 . In addition, some friends get income from the sale of the restaurants of additional equipment: devices for cheating credit cards and printers for checks.

Dallas Robinson , 25 years: creating lip balms

The company’s founder Kisstixx Dallas Robinson is the senior students of the University of Utah Valley .

When Dallas was 18 years old , in the range of his interests included only sports ( snowboarding and veykbol ) and the girls . But over time, start to interfere with one another . As he says , after exercising his lips are very weather-beaten and cracked , so Dallas was very nervous to kiss a girl after she remembered only his chapped lips. He had a chance to try a lot of different lip balms , most of whom were well-known brands , but without exception, were absolutely useless. Then Dallas and decided to create a lip balm that protects from the sun and wind, and which could be used not only himself, but also to propose to his girlfriend .

Since Dallas was a member of the Mormon church , he had to postpone the implementation of his ideas until after the mandatory two-year service of the church. Since 2009, he continued his studies at the university , where he presented his idea to create a lip gloss on one of his lectures on entrepreneurship . Dallas became a partner classmate Mike Buonomo . Then the partners with the School Center for the development of small business loan size of $ 50,000 .

The most difficult thing was to work with a chemist to create the basis for a non-sticky balm. Partners need to find a certified specialist , because the factor of SPF ( sun protection factor ) is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration . So Robinson and Buomo happened to talk to a dozen chemists. But after 4 months of hard work and testing appeared six different flavors , including lemonade .

According to Dallas , the cost of such a package of two glosses is from 86 cents to $ 1, depending on the amount of packaging. The wholesale cost of is $ 3, and the retail value at twice the price . In March 2010, started selling batches of 6,000 packages of lip gloss in the school hallways . For 6 months the party was sold out. In addition, the friends called retailers participated in various exhibitions.

In March 2012 , the partners were in a reality show Shark Tank, which is dedicated to start-ups . At the end of the show Robinson and Buonomo received an offer from billionaire Mark Kyubana – $ 200,000 for 40% of their project.

At the end of this year, the boys managed to get from the sale of $ 188,000 . As early as next year, Robinson is trying to overcome a seven-figure mark. Now the company Kisstixx is negotiating with distributors and retailers in 43 countries around the world , so you can see the company’s products in stores in Japan , the UK, Israel and Australia. In the U.S. partners are trying to make deals with Target, Winn-Dixie, Wal-Mart and Walgreens.

Max Alenhat , ’22 : counting the trees for timber merchants

The company’s founder Silvia Terra in May 2011, he graduated from Yale University .For over one hundred years, timber merchants to assess their assets , used quite time-consuming way : they are manually counted the number of different species of trees, using samples of certain forest areas , and then simply transferred the results of all ownership. Thus to calculate cherry , oak and birch forest area of ​​20,000 acres can be had for half a year , spending is $ 100,000 .

Max Alenhat with his partner Zekeri Parisi developed a new method by which to calculate such a move into the 21st century . According to their design , the trees are calculated using satellite images , as well as the algorithm that invented Parisi . This algorithm significantly reduced the number of sites that you want to analyze , and focus on those where the diversity of species and size of trees were the most representative of the entire site . The cost of this calculation is $ 12,500 .

Director FIA Timber Partners, which invests in lennuyu industry , Tim Corriere said that guys just converted the old methodology with the help of latest technology. The project was launched in 2009 and since then has appeared five partners and customers more than $ 200,000 of income. This year Alenhat expects his company’s revenue will be $ 1,000,000 , and by the end of 2013, will triple .

Annie Wang , 23 years old : has launched a network of portals for students of American universities

Foundress of Her Campus Media Eni Wang is a student , senior, Harvard University.As she says Annie Wang , Her Campus Media company earns on the fact that students do not read and do not teach lectures , and constantly sitting at the laptop screen , reading the latest news from Her Campus. Eni has launched a network of women’s portals in 2009 . Her partners were friends Uinzdor Henger and Stephanie Kaplan, who study together with Ann at Harvard.

Portals of Her Campus represent a most ordinary women’s sites that publish stories about love, health and beauty. But each of these campus has its own microsite , which appears content specifically for students of a particular university. For example, for students at Duke University on My Campus published an article “10 things for which you will be bored at Duke University ,” but a student at Georgetown University can read about how the celebration of the Day of Georgetown. Local advertisers enjoy a shared approach .

More than 3,000 student journalists to help Wang at work: they are looking for materials , write and edit articles . Each month, Her Campus is visited by about 850,000 people, and for the last year Wang income was over $ 300,000 . In addition, Wang owns 80 domain names , which include HisCampus.com. Now partners are looking for solutions that would attract readers , and after graduation . Says Wang , so you can expand the company and to make her a billion.

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