Akhmetov acquired the majority of the 34 th channel in Dnepropetrovsk | Предприниматель

Akhmetov acquired the majority of the 34 th channel in Dnepropetrovsk

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (ACU) allowed Cyprian company controlled by Akhmetov “TRK Media Holding Ltd.”, In particular, which owns 99% of OOO “Media Group” Ukraine “to acquire more than 50% CHAO” Television Service Dnepropetrovsk “(34 channel) .

Until recently, 32% of the channel is in communal ownership of Dnepropetrovsk, 32% were Dnepropetrovsk MP from the BYuT, Mikhail Sokolov, and 36% were owned by LLC “Agro-spring”, which control the ex-heads of the channel and Vladimir Nadion Eugene White.

In the “SCM” edition confirmed the acquisition of Dnipropetrovsk municipal television station. “Media business, including television, is one of the strategically important areas for” CCM. “One of the areas of our television business is the development of regional broadcasting. Therefore, having received interest from our point of view, an offer to purchase shares of the channel, we adopted positive solution. Before deciding on the format of the channel in the future, it will continue to operate in current mode. Also, do not undergo significant changes and channel team “- the press secretary of” SCM “Anna Terekhova.

The publication indicates that the last few years for control of the channel was struggling a lot of different parties. Thus, the strengthening influence on him and claimed the recent owners – the city council and deputy Mikhail Sokolov. Also of interest to the channel showed a chairman of the board of trade and industrial corporation “Aleph” Vadim Ermolaev, who owns several Dnepropetrovsk media, particularly news agency “New Bridge”, newspaper “Left Bank”.

Also reminiscent of publication that the company “SCM” creates media group, which will include all television and Internet projects controlled by Rinat Akhmetov. As part of forming the holding “SCM” already passed “Media Group Ukraine” title to the 99.999% of the shares of TRC “Ukraine”. In addition to the channel “Ukraine”, the holding company includes a sports channel “Soccer”, a regional channel, “Donbas” Company “Mediapartnerstvo” exclusive seller of advertising time channels “SCM”, as well as Internet Holding “Digital Ventures” (portal Tochka.net) .

Subsequently, all new TV and Internet projects “SCM” will be implemented exactly in the media group. In particular it concerns the sports channel “Football +” and the movie channel, scheduled for launch in late 2010. In the media holding will also include the news channel, it broadcasts to begin in 2011, and his own production house, which is now being created.

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