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Ambitious Firtash puts at stake — $ 3.2 billion

Firtash intends to sell at otsuzhenny “Naftogaz” gas to Europe, and the money earned from the sale of gas to buy shares of several chemical plants in Ukraine. Before the lightning victory over the “Naftogaz” Firtash bought shares “Stirol” and Cherkassy and Severodonetsk “Nitrogen”, it says that he came close to implementing its ambitious goal – to enter the world market in the production of nitrogen fertilizers and carbon dioxide methane. Previously on its global ambitions in the market said only one person – the owner of “Metinvest” Rinat Akhmetov. Now conquer the world will have two Ukrainians (confess “conquest” of the world both of them have long bypassed Kolomoisky, which controls 30 percent of the world market of ferroalloys).

Today, Firtash has 2.44% of world capacity of producers of nitrogen fertilizers, it has already gained control of five enterprises in Ukraine, one and Tajikistan. But there is still room to grow. Firtash seriously hopes to win the privatization of Odessa Portside Plant and buy back shares “Dniproazot” from “Private”. Redistribution of shares between the chemical plant in Dneprodzerzhinsk offshore companies demonstrates intent Igor V. (Note Kolomoisky) sell the asset. In the group of companies controlled by Group DF Firtash believe that the Ukrainian chemical industry can survive if the concentration of all assets in one hand. Apparently anti-monopoly committee of the same opinion.

It is not clear one, where did the disgraced oligarch who emerged from the crisis with the biggest losses of such financial opportunities? If you add up the price for “Styrene”, Cherkasy and Severodonetsk “Nitrogen”, you get about $ 1.7 billion more in the $ 1.5 billion estimate and IPF “DneproAzot.” Total, $ 3.2 billion in less than six months. As he says himself Firtash uses mainly its own funds.

Consolidated financial statements for the chemical. assets in companies Ostchem Holding and Group DF does not provide. Starting from the proceeds of five Ukrainian chemical plants previa group, which is $ 1.2 billion, Ostchem Holding may aim to get into the top 100 biggest chemical companies, which annually amounts to ICIS.

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