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Arkady Novikov: Siren — my first restaurant

Arkady Novikov is one of the best-known restaurateurs in the world. He first of all cute, as a person. Arkady began his career as a cook in a restaurant “University”, to whom he gave his 5 years of his life and got a lot of experience. Learning a restaurant kitchen, he not only understood that people like to eat, but also take care of the financial side of this business. In 1992 he opened his first restaurant, called “Siren”. Since then, he was literally the people’s “breadwinner” of Moscow, having created more than 30 various institutions of them are the “Royal Hunt”, “Siren,” “Cheese,” “Market”, “Uzbekistan», Vogue-café, and others.

You can also see how the Novikov shares the secrets of the restaurant business in the transfer Business secrets and Oleg Tinkoff.

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