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Association of Ukraine with the European Union: economics or politics?

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Association of Ukraine with the European Union: economics or politics?

TV screens, articles from online media pro-government majority in the face of constant speakers we clearly insists that sign an association agreement with the EU is not profitable, they say everything is not spelled out in the treaty preamble agreement on compensation for the consequences of Ukraine to sign the document, and the “big brother ” by pressing, see and do crush our export- oriented economy, which was then to pay pensions and salaries ? The editors of the magazine decided to find out which version is the most real: economic or political ?

History of failure

1994 – Agreement on Partnership and Cooperation.

2003 – Leonid Kuchma stated goal – the signing of the Association with the EU.

2009 – Viktor Yushchenko signed a broader agreement on partnership and cooperation.

2010 – Viktor Yanukovych puts primary goal in his campaign – rapprochement with the European Union.

November 2010 – Signing of the Protocol to the Agreement on Partnership and Cooperation Agreement on basic principles for participation in EU programs.

March 2012 – the initialling of the Association Agreement, including the provisions of the Free Trade Area.

September 17, 2013 – The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine represented by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has unanimously approved the project of the Association Agreement with the European Union.

end of September 2013 Association with the EU supported the heads of all existing religions in Ukraine, as well as billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, a lot of other entrepreneurs.

October 23, 2013 The European Parliament adopted a resolution which recommended the signing of the EU-Ukraine Association.

November 8, 2013 Mykola Azarov meets with the heads of industrial enterprises to solve the problem of exports to the vehicle.

November 11, 2013 – Yanukovych meets with Putin in twosome format.

November 21, 2013 – The decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, represented by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov to suspend the signing of the Association with the EU.

Economic version

Suppose Azarov speaks the truth, and to sign an association is not profitable now, because in reality a lot of factories which mainly export products to earn the CU countries will be forced to reduce exports caused by the installation is not competitive duties Russia, thereby earn less, and thus deprive people jobs. Putin’s position, which is the vehicle, was quite clear from the very moment ” cheese war ” – go to the EU, we will impose duties on all goods to be imported from your side. But why this scenario has not been figured out and tightened until the signing of the agreement ( the basics of political diplomacy ) or Azarov thought that the last time he would persuade Putin to open their borders to the territory of Russia, together with Ukrainian goods surged and cheap – quality products and the EU? The question is rhetorical, but in the end nothing else as ” kidkov European Union ” can not call it all. It should have been discussed throughout the year and not at the last moment of signing the agreement. And all this despite the fact that Ukraine aspires to EU, not vice versa. If the Prime Minister allows such amateurish mistakes, what he is doing as prime minister?

Political version

Political version is more believable folds, given that immediately after 11 November (meeting Yanukovych and Putin), began active braking solutions Tymoshenko case, which stubbornly stood the European side, and exactly 10 days later, on the eve of the summit in Vilnius, when EU officials privately informed that a blind eye to Tymoshenko’s case, only to Ukraine signed the document, it was reported that preparations for the association and all canceled. Putin promised any price Yanukovych in case of failure of European integration, God knows, but the fact that this meeting was the point of making bitter solutions – it is more likely.


If one of the versions occurred in any European country, the government / president would be filed immediately resign. Only one question Will the Ukraine this European state?

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