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Business and friendship: how to combine?

They vowed not to quarrel, because of this oath, they were successful.

Last year, a one-hour show, which took place in Basel, the watch company “Nika” presented a graceful and delicate skeleton clock with a transparent shell, through which the visible clockwork. Then the co-owner Alex Bogdanov proudly proclaimed its intention to revive Russia as a power hour. It begins with the fact that platinum is placed under the microscope (the base of the mechanism. – Ed.), Then fasten it to the other parts, and then applied by hand engraving, which develops in a unique pattern. Then cut out the holes on it. It looks like a painstaking process, which is the result of crystal-clear case with a “transparent” yet the mechanism by Swiss firm ETA.

At the factory, “Nicky” works 570 people who make jewelry watches with precious metals, Japanese or Swiss movements. According to the agency Step by Step company, which is the only watch manufacturer in Russia, whose business is growing steadily, released in 2009, 154,000 items – almost a third of total Russian production hours. Such success was facilitated by two major factors: the successful selection of niche and innovative control method, which eliminates the conflict.

Business with friends

President of the chain of jewelry stores, “Almaz-Holding” and ex-chairman of the board of directors watch factory “Yantar” Flun Gumerov believes that “Nick” has chosen the exact direction – jewelry watches with cases of precious metals. It’s just three market segments: middle, upper and luxury. In the long reign of the last two Japanese and Swiss manufacturers, the lower niche is firmly occupied the Chinese craftsmen, mnogostanochniki. But since none of them is engaged in jewelery, “Nick” won, and created its own segment.

The four founders of friendly relations, despite the fact that the total business they came to different roads. Alexei Bogdanov began as a currency speculator, but in 1998 his business was a fiasco, he has learned from the experience of defeat and decided to go to school for an MBA. Tengiz Sanikidze initially worked in the jewelry factory in Georgia, then in many other companies for a long time without stopping at any of these companies. His wife, Helen Khitrin, worked in a travel agency, headed by Bogdanov. Once having met together at a restaurant for a friendly dinner, they started a plan for further development.

Key role in creating the scheme of the team played the fourth figure – George Mordehashvili, defended at the time on an MBA to maintain a balance of interests of the founders. It is his thesis was the basis of a “code of their relationship,” which have been identified rights and interests of all participants. So, for example, the document was written, that none of the founders of the “will not claim ownership of the company alone,” the dividends were allowed to spend no more than 40% of the profits, and in discussing the strategy will be adopted “a solution that suits everyone,” in Thus for each had the final word in the field of its competence.

In addition, the so-called Code and includes such strange terms as: “Do not be afraid to be vulnerable,” “does not hold a grudge against someone, to talk openly” and “take care of a family friend, if someone is unable to take care of her yourself. ”

Operation Code

Of course, all this may seem frivolous. However, as it is not strange, the scheme works. In 2006, Tengiz Sanikidze advantage of their rights, and despite the fact that all indicators Chronograph men under the brand name “Nike” could not in demand, the partners have given way to the pressure Sanikizde, and, surprisingly, the risk was justified: 700 chronographs sold easily sometimes they are even missing.

Now the company is preparing to take the next step, and Alexei Bogdanov, unlike other professionals, has no doubt that he will be successful.

For a long time, “Nick” to sell their products through a network of jewelry. However, it is not possible to see the reaction of the buyer and keep under review the pricing policy. In order to increase brand awareness – requires its own network, which will simultaneously serve as an advertising platform. To date, watch brand “Nike” you can see the shops in 7000 and it is not the limit. Especially for the luxury segment, the company intends to produce watches designed by famous Russian designer Konstantin Chaikin, recognized by the International Academy of Independent Watchmakers. In order to open a couple of shops in Moscow, to work out schemes of sales, franchise system, the owners have allocated 150 million rubles for the marketing of the revenue that they have planned for the year to 2.6 billion rubles.

Specialists discovered no secret of their skepticism about this strategy. Ilya Adamski, who is an advisor to the director of the Moscow Jewelry Factory (MYUZ) called the plan “a fantastically strange.” American collector of watches Matt Samik, seeing at a specialized forum exposed samples, was surprised by the strategy chosen by “Nick”. He was frankly puzzled to learn that the company produces over 1,000 hours of “incomprehensible amount of time for the industry. In such a company may not be a single style, which would have distinguished her among others. ”

But if, before that, in spite of constant criticism and skepticism from his colleagues, “Nike” is still lucky, lucky why they should leave right now?

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