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Business at the box office: 3 new ideas

Short term rentals toys, like a great opportunity to test the product before purchase, or a new proposal for active moms …

Why pay more for the purchase, if you can save on rent? This principle has become familiar to Western European countries. Great idea for your business! Here are three examples.

Ability to test games

GagaGames company has created a group of like-minded people who passionately fond of board games. And it all started with the fact that one of its founders somehow brought back from France game “Carcassonne”. Unfortunately, in St. Petersburg, he could not find it. So the idea to show the citizens of St. Petersburg, who are addicted to such games, what is it and how they need to play. Thus a group of friends decided to occupy the rental board games.
According to the commercial director GagaGames Cyril Kim, the company buys only those games that are popular with its founders. For three years they were able to expand the range of from 30 to 2,000 positions. A constantly watching the news on the market and testing the new proposals, they were able to pick up that range, which has become an interesting existing and potential customers.

Initially friends opened a shop, followed by the idea to take the game to hire. The site shows a lot of pictures, detailed descriptions are, but as you know, buyers often question when choosing a product. So the idea of ??rolling gives them the opportunity to try out the first game (free, games are given a day and no more than two units of one person on bail). A person can always return to the game if it came to his liking, but, in practice, customers always find the goods.
To date range GagaGames presented in the shops, the company employs more than 35 people and also has its own office, which by its design resembles a fairy tale Wonderland by Lewis Carroll: documents it is much smaller than the various board games. In addition, GagaGames equips play areas in cafes, parks and at various festivals that visitors could also try out their games.

Toys can not buy

A few years ago, Ivan and Olga Zhivago had the idea to open your business. Back then she worked in a bank, but had long dreamed to replace the financial statements and the figures for something more “lively and warm.” So there was an online service

Before you open a business, Ivan and Olga long been seeking a free niche by carefully studying Russian and foreign markets. The idea came suddenly: a friend of Olga, who lived in New Zealand, such as mentioned in the conversation, he prefers to take the toys for the baby to rent rather than buy them. This idea has attracted Olga. Since work began on the project. On the compensation received by Olga in dismissal from the bank was able to buy a server and order a batch of toys, most of which are shipped from the U.S..

The project is intended to provide the child with toys that form specific skills at each stage of development of the baby. In addition, it was a great opportunity to free space in the small Moscow apartments, because children had not played for a long time, even the most favorite toy, and they just pile up, taking place in the rooms. And if the child does not want to give him a toy grown fond, parents can buy it for a price.
In addition, recognizing the importance of hygiene in this kind of business, Ivan and Olga developed a system of cleaning of toys. First toys are steam treatment, after which they are cleaned with a special disinfectant “Delavita”, which is not only different security for the child, but also well washed off with water. In the end, every toy is packed in a vacuum bag and delivered to the customer.

The site was developed very easy system to find toys, which included a number of categories: search by age, brand and functionality. Now Olga and Ivan are self-promoting his website: Ivan already has a similar experience, as he had previously worked with corporate pages on social networks. Thus, John is now responsible for working with clients on Facebook and plans to begin promotion VKontakte. Also, Ivan and Olga want in the future to create your own showroom, which will play room and the studio, which will host a variety of workshops and meetings, competitions and performances.

The main difficulty in the development of the project was the fact that many Russians perceive rent toys as a way to save on children, and therefore are not ready to rent toys. But Ivan and Olga are hoping that consumers will soon change their point of view and get used to borrow toys for children under the lease.

Active Mom

Natalia Fateeva opened its online store “Active MaMa” immediately after birth. It all started with the fact that she is wanting to buy a quality slingoryukzak, searched the St. Petersburg, but, as it turned out, it is not easy to find. Natalia knew that this problem stalkkivayutsya many moms, so I decided to purchase a lot of backpacks and put them up for sale on the Internet. But this was not enough, as many mothers would like to verify the reliability and quality of the backpack, try as he will be convenient to use. Then Natalia decided to lease them.

Rent a backpack for a week can be for 250 rubles, with bail dolzhent be equal to the cost of the backpack, and at the expiration of the lease you can buy it and pay only $ 100. Practice shows that about 95% of mothers by testing slingoryukzak buy it. Some need a little more time to appreciate the benefits of this product. Demand for slingoryukzaki growing with the onset of warm pores, so how to wear them in the winter, over clothing is not comfortable. It is also very common for people to rent these backpacks before traveling.
Recently, the range of the online store appeared as clothing for pregnant or nursing mothers, as well as jewelry, destination distract the child from the mother’s earrings and jewelry. In addition, Natalia organized showroom, where there is a games room, and a small cafe moms can talk over a cup of coffee or tea. Also open fitting room in which you can apply your favorite model.

Natalia has developed its discount system, which can receive discounts at a network of partners, using a storage card. Also hosts a variety of events within the framework of this cooperation. For example, if the purchase was made more than 3000 rubles., The coffee company, which cooperates with an online store, arranges for a client tasting coffee at home, and the purchase of coffee, the customer received a coffee machine. And at various trade shows online store has its own stand. Even last year, during the festival “Childhood Planet” was a demonstration of clothing for moms also organized by Natalia.

On the project are still working just three people: Natalia herself, courier and consultant slingoryukzakam. Natalia is engaged in promoting the project in a social network “VKontakte”, which is used by the main target audience. The project always has its own booth at trade shows. Last year, the festival “Childhood Planet” Natalia organized fashion show for pregnant and lactating mothers: models gained from among its clients.

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