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To combat theft

Without proper supervision restaurant can be taken in a literal sense, for a couple of weeks. “Steal everything, including customer-restaurateur shares his experience Yekaterina Drozdova. – There are plenty of circuits: barman waiter, barman, waiter, cashier, etc., and if the case involved the director – all down the drain. ”

Some technical devices to combat the theft is not enough. “Of course, we now have comprehensive programs that control the staff and cover some of the channels of theft, – said Vladislav Dudakov (“KofeHauz”). – But, still, most importantly it is an effective management, trust director, who is always at work, which is interested in good sales, and to strive for career advancement. ”

Importantly, both feel and atmosphere in the team: it’s worse than, the more likely that the theft will flourish. Moreover, the owner does not lose sight of the very process of governance. Restaurateurs, who operate their own institution, it is advised to paint the little things, which employees perform any action and for that specifically responds to no questions and situations that can not be found guilty.

All restaurateurs know that where there is cash flow, there is always theft. “A more critical to business – muhlezh with prices in the market and supplier kickbacks, – tells Tatyana Melnikova (“Khachapuri”). – It is difficult to control. Need prozvanivatsya suppliers, ask for theirs price lists, check prices in the price and the market on the shelves. only way to deal with theft in the restaurant – to build such a system in which the probability of stealing kept to a minimum ».

It seems to eradicate the problem of mentality of our people is not currently possible. “I think you should immediately determine for themselves, for a standard interior comfort and theft control it so it does not crawled above – is philosophically approached the issue restaurateur Alexander Gavrilov. – For example, say to themselves: 10% – this is “normal.” Essentially a game of thieves and the police always ends with the first and second are constantly thinking of new ways to cheat each other.”

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