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Business ideas: where to get?

Successful ideas are born, when there is an opportunity to jump out of the mainstream and look at the problem from a new perspective. To help always comes to the collective intelligence – such as brainstorming or a skirmish with the partners. Although there is the most important condition, without which all other circumstances simply counterproductive – to be in the subject.

Oleg Tinkoff, chairman of the bank “Tinkoff. Credit Systems »

projects: a network of restaurants “Tinkoff” beer “Tinkoff” dumplings “Daria».

Oleg Tinkoff on bike ride

Oleg Tinkoff on bike ride

If you need some good ideas, you just do for some time to forget about the business. I’ve often hold mileage on a bike for 3-4 hours, my head is aired – just a different look at all the more brightly with enthusiasm. In general, successful ideas can occur anywhere, in any situation. The idea of ​​”Daria” I was literally “made​​” from the sauna, where I spoke with a Greek, which sold equipment for the production tartalini. And it so happens that a new project – as inspiration, but it is thought accumulate in the head “over and over again,” until there bunch of something clear and intelligible. And another thing: if you want to take a decision, I always consult with professionals. By the way, for ideas in books do not climb.

Dmitry Buriak, founder of B&S Holding

Projects: a network of restaurants “Tinkoff” beer “Tinkoff” dumplings “Daria».

Pharmaceutical magnate Dmitry Buriak

Pharmaceutical magnate Dmitry Buriak

Serious venture projects are often “pour” of conflict management and entrepreneur. I think it’s the only way to break the deadlock, especially when it is difficult to calculate risks. Managing Director at my company – a financier and mathematician. If I go up everywhere from an emotional point of view, it is all the “digitizing”. I am sure this is a big plus in our bunch. My intuition and my emotions are faced with its rationality, and it yields results. I always want something, destroying something, irritates me to spend much time taking any decisions. And he had all along the chain. We complement each other.

Andrei Korkunov, founder of the Odintsovo Confectionery

Designs: candy “Korkunov”

King chocolate Kornunov against the plant for production of chocolates

King chocolate Kornunov against the plant for production of chocolates

I myself almost always provokes people to offer. This is not a brainstorming session in the usual form of it, I do not collect all in one place, rather alternately every listen, ask questions, listen to opinions, and then in my head that something is ripe. And when the mind develops “puzzle”, partners and colleagues to gather and say we will do this and this. And quite often it turns into a proverb – listen and do all their own way. It is not uncommon, I listened to all and took the opposite decision, although colleagues were “against”. However, we now have approximately 50% of all sales offer exactly those products that were designed in this way.

Alexander Schuster, chairman of pharmaceutical company “Masterpharm»

Projects: medications “Flucostat” and “Arbidol»

I myself do not really know how they (ideas) are born. But when I do something nurturing, always read the most material on the topic: special-articles, books, trade journals. Here, there is little known here, but rather an important magazine in the West Yellow Script. It is fully analytical, devoted to analysis of the pharmaceutical market, and global levels. Very useful and interesting magazine. As soon as I have an idea, I start to work through it: analyze the market, look through the numbers in marketing, then consult with different specialists, and then sit down with partners and decide – “Is the game worth the candle.”

Sergei Vykhodtsev, president Velle

Projects: cereal “quick”, drinks Invite, oat products Velle

Immigrants - immigrants Baikal

Immigrants - immigrants Baikal

A large number of ideas comes to me when I climb into some wilderness. So I built the whole ranch on Lake Baikal – phones do not catch up to the railway of 100 km. The most favorable place for reflection. By the way, there is the idea of the project Velle. Of course the original product is still accumulating in the office, I love brainstorming, I have a creative staff that are just “boil” of ideas, and I with both hands so that they are “seething” and more.

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