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How much earns an average user Uanet?

The most common in the Ukrainian Internet user average income ranges from 1501 to 3000 UAH., As evidenced by data for the December 2010 study “gemiusAudience”, conducted by “Gemius Ukraine.”

It is worth noting that from 701 to 1501 UAH. receive 15% of users Uanet, another 17% did not receive a regular income, and the median income level of 5% and more than 8,000 USD. (see chart 1).

The Ukrainian Internet audience in terms of monthly income

At the same time, the most common group, united in terms of “average family income” – a group “from 2501 to 4000 UAH,” and from “4001 to 6500 UAH.”

Recall, according to the same study, Ukrainian Internet in December 2010 increased by 29% compared with December 2009 and amounted to about 11.3 million users.

At the same time, Ukrainian online audience continues to be young: a group of 14-24 years is about 36% of the total audience, a group of 25-34 – 29%. Also, as the results of the study, most users access the Internet from a home PC (89.38%), less often – in an Internet cafe or at school / institute (12.55 and 7.26%).