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Be heard by the leadership

How to learn to take account of personal interests and the interests of the company, without the loss of a career.

Once the head of the department of a large company of Anna has created a complex situation : it was necessary to solve family problems and take their own health. But she did not want to lose his career . She seemed impossible to solve this problem , because the company where she worked , it was customary to leave the office until 21-22 hours. What to do?

Business coach Svetlana Berger explains that in such a situation, Anna dozhlna come to work on time, do their jobs effectively , schedule meetings no later than 18 hours and be willing to staff a good evening . And exactly at 18:00 to leave the office and solve problems in other areas of life.

The first week was very difficult for Anna . It seemed to her that it is viewed as a person who avoids work. But on the second week , she noticed that after lunch the staff are beginning to paper on sight, although in the past it has received them after eight in the evening . And after two weeks of discomfort disappeared completely when Anna left the office on time .

When management has appointed a meeting at the later time, Anne had to cancel her visit to the doctor. At that meeting, she made it clear how important it is for her to work at the meetings. But just as important to her and go to work on time . Then she turned to the leadership to refer to personal time employees with great respect and appoint the meeting at an earlier time . Anna was surprised that no objections to the address of its words are not followed. Then the meeting was postponed to time. According to Svetlana Berger, before you start a conversation with management about the personal time to get ready . And starting this conversation , you need to be sure that this is exactly what you want. And realize how valuable it can be for the company. Otherwise bude unbalanced take – giving.

To combine the personal needs and the needs of the company , you should consider any opportunities within the company that can meet your need . For example, you want to do your job more efficiently and realize that gives you strength and energy. Are you sure that if one day a week you will be working at home , it will give better results . Therefore, refer to the owner with the request. If your performance does not improve , you give up that option.

Also, Svetlana Berger says it’s not as important as the built conversation with management , such as what state you’re at it go out. The most important thing – the inner workings of their limitations and beliefs. In this case, you believe that senior management can not hear and consider the needs and interests of employees. But even this belief is necessary to inspect. For example , Anna is convinced that if she appealed to the leadership , not having a two-week work experience on such a schedule , it would have sounded very different , and it is unlikely to be heard .

Can management and hear a woman to meet her interests? According to Svetlana , it depends on company’s security policy , the maturity of the management of corporate rules . From this conversation , the woman gets into an uncertain situation. Therefore , consider a few options and a clear understanding of their principles . If management fails, it means that it refused for this opportunity. After all, women often do not limit the faults and their own beliefs , which are related to the situation obtaining special conditions sludge neprodvizheniya situation . But it is a personal responsibility woman. But to make decisions under uncertainty – this is hell leader.

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