Interview | Предприниматель - Part 2

Архивы рубрики ‘Interview’

Interview Vice President “VKontakte” Elijah Perekopskiy

“Every year we doubled the profit, and this is unlikely to be the exception”.

Chairman of the Board FUIB: about Akhmetov, a group of SCM and the new merger

Constantine Weisman: “Brand” Renaissance Credit “must leave the financial market of Ukraine …».

Ukrainian businessmen to boldly delegate

Ukrainian businessmen are habitually kept everything under control. But you can not grasp the immensity.

Michael Komissaruk: “We have been offered for $ 100 million”

One of the most popular sites in Ukraine – Ukr.Net – chose its own special path of development.

«The future – for the complete transfer of the market for paid ads»

RIA.UA company is called today the leader of the Ukrainian segment of Internet ads. It owns the largest project in the automotive category, and is rapidly gaining popularity in search of resources and real estate. Sergei Luzhetsky, director RIA.UA told about the formation of RIA.UA, prospects of the company and the market as a whole.

Viktor Vekselberg: Russia’s business did not receive preferential

As Boris Berezovsky, the chairman of the board of directors of the “Renova” Viktor Vekselberg, has come in big business of academia. However, the fate of the oligarchs has developed differently.

In the footwear market in Ukraine forces to “fight” with China

“Ukrainian footwear industry is far from being in a deplorable state” – Alexander Borodynya.

Alexander Yaroslavsky: I do not care market to roll down or go up. The main thing is not standing still

Continued interview with the owner of the Ukrainian Pravda Ukrsibbank, DCH group i of the club “Metalist” Alexander Yaroslavsky.

Alexander Yaroslavsky: Where am I and where the policy? I am a simple guy from Ukrainian Kharkov

“Kharkov billionaire and owner of the club” Metalist “Alexander Yaroslavsky tries to appear in the image of the philanthropist, is at your own risk and invest in projects of Euro 2012 with a sluggish return.”

Gennady Korban: Kolomoisky as Plyushkin does not like to sell – he only buys

The end of an interview with the group “Privat” in the raid and corporate conflicts Gennady Korban.