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(Русский) Особенности ударопрочных телефонов и их сильные стороны

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(Русский) Безкоштовний вебінар для вчителів на тему: «Змішане навчання – ключ до змін»

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(Русский) Заправка картриджей в Киеве с безупречным качеством и по низким ценам

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8 most unsuccessful transactions in the IT

MySpace, ICQ, Bebo and other successful projects in the old days, which brought the state one and a headache to others.

Digital Sky Technologies invests in Twitter

Yuri Milner, venture investor, head of the Digital Sky Technologies, investing in promising Facebook ready to prove the popular microblogging service Twitter.

Why Microsoft bought Skype?

Microsoft acquired Skype. The question is what to do with him now.

Exit at “neighboring” markets a dangerous idea

Cisco executives have seen this, have wasted $ 600 million on the camera manufacturer’s Flip.

Man — the most effective resource

Already, the Internet can find many things, but not all. Some people make better software robots.

Tigipko: Tax incentives for IT

«Ukrainian IT sector needs tax breaks’, – says Sergey Leonidovich.

Money fast moving Internet

Today, the Internet brings good profit to those who know how to use it.