Business | Предприниматель - Part 5

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How to overcome stress

How to keep the line between obsession and passion and what to do if this limit is already worn off.

You can earn and sundials

Already 10 years have passed since Alexander Boldyrev, throwing biology, started a sundial. Tell this and other success stories.

Intelligent Investing

It is necessary to focus on products that require great intellectual effort, not investments.

Features of the negotiations “in Russian”

The desire to show the strength, to win at any cost, an unwillingness to bargain – how not to give in to all this?

Successful negotiations with representatives of Generation Y

Specialist negotiating shares tips on how to manage people born in the 1980-1990’s.

Which is better – to hire an external or internal candidate

The president of Microsoft in Russia tells us how to choose between internal and external candidates for the vacant post.

Five main issues of franchising

Businessmen and government officials in Moscow discussed the prospects and problems associated with the development of franchising

Advertising in stores

Shopping is the most influential advetising after television .

Tips on conducting business negotiations

Israeli pro gives tips on doing business negotiations.

Should be an expert manager

The desire to obtain expertise can bring top manager harm, not good.