Business | Предприниматель - Part 6

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Tips on conducting business negotiations

Israeli pro gives tips on doing business negotiations.

Should be an expert manager

The desire to obtain expertise can bring top manager harm, not good.

All of a beautiful business

The owners of beauty salons and clinics talk about all the complexities of such business, expectations and disappointments customers about famous wizards and false advertising moves.

How to profitably sell small bank

To sell the bank on favorable terms possible during the crisis. It is important to know to whom it will be interesting .

High turnover or the maximum margin?

Dreams and uncertain financial model can lead to a loss of customer expectations and defocusing business, and as a result – a loss of money.

Maxim marigolds on how to do business in crisis

Head SC “The Messenger” tells the story of how risky it is now to create new projects and how to avoid such risks.

Leonid Boguslavskiy on how to select the right team for a startup

One of the biggest investrovo Runeta, owner of Ozon, Yandex and Biglion shares tips on how to choose the right startup.

Discounts and advertising: what to spend more?

Two weeks to increase sales by 10 times! Is it feasible? We offer you the perfect recipe.

When is it necessary to borrow money and when it is better to refuse loans

Tips bankers owners of their own business.

What to expect from marketing

Classic marketing techniques are no longer able to attract the consumer. How to attract customers?