For Entrepreneurs | Предприниматель - Part 16

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Business at the box office: 3 new ideas

Children’s toys for rent, the opportunity to try out the goods before purchase, all for active moms

Lead singer of “Hands Up” Sergey Zhukov — serial internet entrepreneur

Sergey Zhukov, lead singer of “Hands Up”, his store gift certificates

How to make money on a free service? Innovative hair stylist

Ben Davis has found a new way of doing business with a 5500-year history – male hairdresser.

Letter of Credit? Why is he an entrepreneur?

Banker about the pros and cons of this tool of international payments.

David Yakobashvili — hostage fate

By building his empire, David Yakobashvili successfully coped with the bandits. Overcome market competition was not so easy.

About the nuances of the business

Plastic lighters, gum-zip, a broken cistern, and other details that can not be underestimated.

How to divide a business? Instructions for Divorce with business partners

Negotiations are always efficient judicial process.

How to retain talented employees?

For a start, which is designed to help employers address this issue, and Adobe developers Zynga stopped working.

How to increase restaurant revenue

(Русский) Зачем разрешать официантам дурачиться на работе и бесплатно кормить секретарш

We have created a restaurant online

Experience Advertising Director of “Empire Pizza”