Practice | Предприниматель - Part 4

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How to divide a business? Instructions for Divorce with business partners

Negotiations are always efficient judicial process.

How to retain talented employees?

For a start, which is designed to help employers address this issue, and Adobe developers Zynga stopped working.

We have created a restaurant online

Experience Advertising Director of “Empire Pizza”

How to find out if it works good shop?

A few tips from the owners of online stores

How to increase sales of wine with your iPhone

Method will provide a drink more than the adults from Constellation Brands

How to optimize your credit load

Seven tips to owners of medium-sized businesses

How to attract buyers with an income below average

The experience of the head of the network, “Russia’s Shoes”: a loan for boots and shoes that came out of it.

How to evaluate a startup

The evaluation criteria for the startup and how to gain more share.

6 secrets of the popular site

The experience of the creator Jonas Nordlander.

Protection from collectors

What you should know the debtor: the difference between the structures and civilized “black collectors,” and how to talk to them.