Practice | Предприниматель - Part 6

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Internet Doctor

In Dr. Robert Novichev decreased the number of patients, but the income remains the same. All thanks to the Internet.

“For me the competition is not a question of money”

As a start-up of a small Russian town has become a global player.

Sale of business: the three basic rules

How to sell the business so that the transaction was successful, safe, and subsequently did not bring trouble.

Warehouse on the Internet

Two programmers made ​​a competition of “1C”. What happened?

We move into a virtual office

5 services that allow business owners to save money and their employees – are not going to work.

6 reasons why it is difficult to sell the Ukrainian clients online services

The bulk of small business in Ukraine is still offline.

Small Business on the Internet

Most entrepreneurs accept the site as a place to put contact the company and price lists.

Internet is 2.5% of GDP in Ukraine

Google and Boston Consulting measured the Ukrainian economy, the Internet.

How to reduce costs beauty

In assessing their capabilities, please note that the first few months will bring some interior damage. Here are 5 ways to reduce them.

How to find staff

Salon Success depends on staff, as customers return to a specific person. Six entrepreneurs shared their experiences with the staff.