Idea and start-up | Предприниматель - Part 2

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9 students – entrepreneurs start their own business

(Русский) Средства для кухни от мокрых полов, носки для командных игр, протеиновые коктейли разных вкусов и множество других идей, которые удалось реализовать без больших вложений.

Business at the box office: 3 new ideas

Children’s toys for rent, the opportunity to try out the goods before purchase, all for active moms

How to increase restaurant revenue

(Русский) Зачем разрешать официантам дурачиться на работе и бесплатно кормить секретарш

Former vice-president of BP in the service of startups

They were able to create a company profile of an oil, which costs $ 4 million in 10 months. Offices of the company located in India and the United States.

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Says Oleg Giyazov startup founder Reactive Reactification Technology

The five major mistakes startups

The story of venture investors from Silicon Valley to work with Ukrainian start-ups

How to protect against theft of the idea of ​​a startup?

Legal advice. Lawyer tells of the Center for Technology and Innovation PwC

Start-up in real estate in crisis

Do you have a new principal for the rink’s business model? Forza!

Business ideas: where to get?

Five of the most brilliant businessman said, under what circumstances they are born in the head of a successful business idea.

How to attract customers in new internet project

The problem of searching for clients — an important issue for any company, but for startups especially important. 7 tips on how to attract visitors to a new Internet project.