Investment | Предприниматель - Part 4

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How to make money on free cash?

Tips banker.

How to charm investors

Four tips for start-up in preparation for a meeting with an investor

(Русский) Тротуарная плитка: как выбрать тротуарную плитку в Днепропетровске?

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Three mistakes novice VC

What to look out for investing in startups?

Investments and the problem of leader

The main criteria for evaluating initiator startup, meaningful for the investor.

Red card for startup

Seven blunders, having made that you almost certainly will not get investment in the project.

Real Estate: Where is profitable to invest?

The easiest way to purchase commercial property in Puerto Rico, Singapore and Hong Kong, and the most attractive to the owner of Britain, Ireland and Iceland.

The crisis in the country real estate

The crisis in the country real estate sector is clearly delayed and forcing developers to seek other opportunities to sell their properties: they have to cut the price to offer credit, and most importantly – completely alter its proposal.

Financial literacy is very low Ukrainians

In Ukraine, financial literacy is not just low, it just do not practice.

Experts: Raising the price of new building will not be

Real estate prices will stagnate throughout 2011. Time?