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(Русский) Бизнес-план в период пандемии

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(Русский) Как открыть бизнес в сфере продажи солнцезащитных очков

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What kind of investor you need

The company’s founder LinguaLeo shares his experience of relationships with strategic investors , business angels and funds.

Initial investment — where to look?

A few ways to find money for something to turn an idea into a project that can be shown to foreign investors

How to attract investors — 7 Tips

The founder of the online service “MoySklad” explains how he managed to get investment from the founders of Skype and “1C”

How to charm investors

Four tips for start-up in preparation for a meeting with an investor

Investments and the problem of leader

The main criteria for evaluating initiator startup, meaningful for the investor.

Red card for startup

Seven blunders, having made that you almost certainly will not get investment in the project.

Affordable Europe

Shares of European companies are cheap after a fall. It’s time to buy?