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(Русский) Полезные советы при выборе дома своей мечты.

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(Русский) Получаем кредит в интернете.

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The Russian stock market crashed

As a result of the military conflict in Ukraine and negative background , one day Russian business lost 2 trillion rubles.

What will happen to the Ukrainian currency?

The current situation with the national currency result of the protracted political crisis.

“The Ukrainian market” and PFTS can unite

Following its parent company (the Russian stock exchanges MICEX and RTS) can come together, “Ukrainian Stock Exchange” and the PFTS.

In 2011, the advertising market will grow to 8.3 bln

In 2011, the volume of orders for advertising to be about 8.3 billion UAH., Which is 23% more than in 2010.

Agrarians do not mind to place its shares on the Ukrainian market

Ukrainian farmers who sell to foreign markets, are ready to place its shares on the Ukrainian stock exchanges. This was reported by a reliable source on the stock exchange PFTS.

George Soros: Dollar at risk

Famous billionaire George Soros, the dollar portends poor health.

Minority shareholders will remain in stock

The new law on joint stock companies have removed the amendment, under which minority shareholders forced to sell stake in majority shareholders who have more than 95%.

On the PFTS trading volume record

Historically, the record trading volume – 1.4 billion UAH. was recorded on the PFTS following January 25, 2010.