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George Soros: Dollar at risk

Famous billionaire George Soros, the dollar portends poor health.

Minority shareholders will remain in stock

The new law on joint stock companies have removed the amendment, under which minority shareholders forced to sell stake in majority shareholders who have more than 95%.

On the PFTS trading volume record

Historically, the record trading volume – 1.4 billion UAH. was recorded on the PFTS following January 25, 2010.

Kolomoisky not get the “MAU”

Existing shareholders UIA intend to exercise their right to buy state-owned shares CHAO, leaving, therefore, likely to participate in the privatization structures Igor Kolomoisky.

Cost of Ukrainian steel grew by 40%, domestic demand fell by 45%

In 2010, the cost of steel production in Ukraine has increased in comparison with 2009 by 40% or $ 137 / t. This is stated in the materials of the SE “Ukrpromvneshekspertiza.”

Cash dollar passed for 8 UAH

As the monitoring of cash rates, at 10:00 UAH rate above 8. the U.S. dollar has already put more than 10 financial institutions.