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The Russian stock market crashed

As a result of the military conflict in Ukraine and negative background , one day Russian business lost 2 trillion rubles.

What will happen to the Ukrainian currency?

The current situation with the national currency result of the protracted political crisis.

Russian-Ukrainian conflict: Causes and Consequences

Behind the scenes of the game and the battle of politicians who pursue what interests detail on conflict of interest among politicians.

Yatsenyuk: previous government brought in $ 70 billion offshore

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk told reporters that the family Yanukovych brought into offshore about 70 billion $.

External public debt reached $ 140 billion

The total external debt at the beginning of Ukrainian in 2014 reached $140 billion (80% of Ukraine’s GDP), short-term $ 65 billion.

How to withdraw Ukrainian business to a new level

The main distinction of leading companies from the rest is the focus of strategic marketing.

The Ministry of income and fees: Evidence for a single tax payer canceled

Evidence of a single tax payer will be canceled January 1, 2014.

How to expand your business

The leaders are actively growing businesses to share their experiences

New accounts for the payment of SSC

The Ministry of income and charges identified new account for payment of a single social contribution. Download account.

Twitter is priced at $ 7 billion

American Twitter Inc., The operator of the largest microblogging service, is in talks to attract additional private capital.