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New law for private entrepreneurs

The Cabinet proposed a new vision of a simplified system of taxation for business individuals.

Apple capitalization exceeded the total value of Intel and Microsoft

June 6, it became known that the total value of the outstanding shares of Apple reached $ 317.6 billion in comparison, the capitalization of Microsoft and Intel, respectively, $ 201.6 and $ 115.2 billion.

Kolomoisky with Bogolyubov reinvest in Privatbank UAH 1.3 billion

The founders of the largest bank in Ukraine by assets – Privat – decided to increase its charter capital by 14.6%.

Shareholders «Intertop» thinking about IPO

The largest player in the shoe retail in Ukraine, the company “Intertop” wants to place a portion of its shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Kolomoisky interested in the Danish airline «Cimber Sterling»

Igor Kolomoisky interested in the Danish budget airline «Cimber Sterling». Experts positively evaluate the consequences of the purchase of Ukrainian billionaire.

HTC has overtaken Nokia in terms of capitalization

The market value of the Nokia compared to Taiwanese rival HTC has decreased nearly a billion dollars.

The cost of PJSC “Ukrtatnafta” — $ 2 billion

Head of “Privat” Igor Kolomoisky appreciated 100% stake in the refinery PAO “Ukrtatnafta” of $ 2 billion.

Corporation “Alef” workshop will start bottling Scotch Whisky

Alcohol unit “Alef-Vinal” Dnepropetrovsk Corporation “Aleph” is going to start a line for bottling of scotch.

Kolomoisky: Duties on imports of petroleum products can not enter now

Igor Kolomoisky expressed his opinion about the government initiative – to introduce import duties on oil products to Ukraine, while emphasizing that currently this is not advisable to do.

Goldman Sachs: Bonus for employees in 2010 totaled $ 15.4 billion

Investment bank Goldman Sachs by the end of 2010 paid a bonus of $ 15.4 billion on average per employee bonuses for the year amounted to approximately $ 430 thousand