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The Ministry of income and fees: Evidence for a single tax payer canceled

Evidence of a single tax payer will be canceled January 1, 2014.

New accounts for the payment of SSC

The Ministry of income and charges identified new account for payment of a single social contribution. Download account.

Simplified tax system becomes more complicated

Среди основных нововведений — все физические лица разделены на категории. Разделение происходит по объему дохода, наличие нанятых работников и виду деятельности. Из приятного — юридические лица вновь могут регистрироваться плательщиками НДС.

New law for private entrepreneurs

The Cabinet proposed a new vision of a simplified system of taxation for business individuals.

Kolomoisky: Duties on imports of petroleum products can not enter now

Igor Kolomoisky expressed his opinion about the government initiative – to introduce import duties on oil products to Ukraine, while emphasizing that currently this is not advisable to do.

Tigipko: Tax incentives for IT

«Ukrainian IT sector needs tax breaks’, – says Sergey Leonidovich.

Head of Tax: Software developers will not pay VAT

Since 2011, the entry into force of the Tax Code, service activities for the development, delivery and testing of software, data processing and other services to the field of information is not subject to VAT.

Yanukovych has changed the tax service

President Viktor Yanukovych sacked by Alexander Papaika with the post of head of the State Tax Administration and appointed in his stead Vitaly Zakharchenko.