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Philip Gribanov: Money is a good motivation

Easy to be a young entrepreneur today? What you need to start your own business? Is money the main criterion of motivation in forming your own business? Visiting Oleg Tinkoff young entrepreneur Philip Gribanov – General Director of “Ekokemika”.

Ruben Vardanyan: You must believe in yourself

What quality in the Russian economic education? What kind of project “Skolkovo”? What is the difference from the manager of an entrepreneur? Why in the west more opportunities to make money? What is important for entrepreneurs: reputation or money? These and other questions are answered by Ruben Vardanyan.

Gleb Davidiuk: Main thing to believe in yourself

Where can I find money for your project? Answer – investment and venture funds, but the problem is that in Russian business is not fair play. Why invest in risky projects if we do not know what will happen to the macroeconomy? The lack of business education in Russia, its economy slows.

Oleg Leonov: Now is the time to serve

Oleg Leonov – creator of the first civilized retail network in Russia. Several years ago he sold his trading company “Dixie” to 1 billion 200 million dollars. Now Oleg interested in environmental technology and wrote a universal code of honor.

Sergei Galitsky: Football Club a great motivation!

Sergei Galitsky

founder of a chain of shops “Magnet”, a man with fantastic energy and unconventional looks. His personal fortune is estimated at 2.6 billion dollars, and he believes that anything complex and transcendental is not done, just need to love and understand his work.

Dmitry Agarunov: Entrepreneurs are agents of God

Why There is myth that Jews are greedy and too adventurous? What is the difference between a Jew and a Russian? Is the secret of wealth lies in the origin of man? These and many other questions will be answered Dmitry Agarunov, founder Gameland.

Timothy: We have two restaurants with Novikov

As Timothy has achieved success? What was done to make a successful brand name? Visiting Oleg Tinkoff said the idol of youth, in addition to what the music and how to make money.

David Yakobashvili: We started out with different businesses

Chairman of the Board of Directors, “Wimm-Bill-Dann” David Yakobashvili record in Russia in the number of business projects. He started in business back in 1982. Visiting Oleg Tinkoff, he shared his views on the intricacies of the modern Russian business.

Andrei Korkunov: 10 billion a nice gift

Visiting Oleg Tinkoff man-brand — Andrei Korkunov. All familiar candy produced under the label “Korkunov.” How the brand, “Korkunov”? Than it is today engaged in a famous businessman? Why he joined the banking sector? What are the prospects for Russian business today?

Oleg Uvarov: Erysipelas more!

Beginner businessman Oleg Uvarov only a few months ago, arrived in Moscow and has already organized online shop selling strollers.