Video | Предприниматель - Part 8

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Oleg Tinkov: The world changed employers

Oleg Tinkoff, chairman of the bank “Tinkoff. Credit system. “Oleg reveals the meaning and the idea of ​​entrepreneurship, the benefits of entrepreneurial freedom and how to find it.

Irina Razumova: People want to spend on health

Irina Razumova, founder of the fitness centers “Planet Fitness” talks about his entrepreneurial ways, the market of sports and fitness, as well as its underwater reefs.

Victor Remsha: Internet — affordable access to a person

Victor Remsha, founder of the holding company “Finam”, talks about financial markets and the development of the Internet.
Group of Companies “Finam” in late 2010 was awarded the title “Largest broker in 2010” according to RBC.

Sergei Nedoroslev: Buy stock via SMS

Sergei Nedoroslev — Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Kaskol”, which operates in the space industry, also taxi «Dexter» and other areas. Sergei talks about how established the group on financial markets and entrepreneurship in general.

Oleg Zherebtsov: We are on the verge of big changes

Oleg Zherebtsov, founder of retail company, “ribbon”, which combines about 35 hypermarkets throughout Russia. Oleg speaks about his youth, familiarity with Oleg Tinkoff and the development of a recognizable retail brand in Russia.

Chernikov: Money on the Internet not the main

Sergei Chernikov, program business secrets with Oleg Tinkoff, talks about the oil business, as well as their undertakings in IT.

Alexander Egorov: The main thing to find an investor

Alexander Egorov — founder of the famous online store, the transfer of business secrets and Oleg Tinkoff said on the basis of, as well as to establish its own IT-company “Reksoft”.

Boris Belotserkovsky: Casino return

Boris Belotserkovsky program business secrets with Oleg Tinkoff said about the industry and its possible return.

Sergey Minaev: Alcohol business — it’s hemorrhoids

Sergei Minaev in the program with Oleg Tinkoff secrets to share their wine group, MBG, which has successfully traded in the niche “elite” of alcohol, as well as journalism and journalism.

Kopytina: Places in the market enough for everyone

Hope Kopytina in the transfer of Secrets with Oleg Tinkoff said his business formula for success and their way of right living.