Business Secrets | Предприниматель - Part 3

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Business Secrets: Artem Lebedev

Founder Lebedev Studio in the “Business secrets with Oleg Tinkoff.”

Anton Alekseev: Ice cream for Sochi

The scarcest commodity in the capital of the 2014 Winter Olympics could be ice cream! Young Entrepreneur Anton Alekseev knows how to solve this problem.

Eugene Besschastnov: SMS service for parents

For 18 years, Eugene Besschastnov, a young entrepreneur from Nizhny Novgorod, has created a service for parents of school children, aimed at monitoring progress via SMS message.

Albert Popkov: Millions of “Classmates”

Albert Popkov, the founder of social networking “” tells the story of a project and the difficulties he faced.

Larissa Nevidaylo: I used to take oysters contraband

A former teacher and now a leading restaurateur Tyumen Larisa Nevidaylo opened his first restaurant 18 years ago, laying for that apartment. She now owns a network of 22 schools and knew that he loved book to the table, Sergei Sobyanin.

Ruslan Fazlyev: Perspectives on E-Commerce

Ruslan Fazlyev five minutes can open the electronic sale of goods on any website. What are the problems and prospects exist in electronic commerce.

Michael Kusnirovich: We – a family company

Michael Kusnirovich puts the Russian Olympic team. In his company is working Bosco 5000, a turnover in excess of $ 600 million.

Kirill Gusev: Italian

Kirill Gusev, owner of 14 restaurants, talked about the most in demand in Russia, the kitchen, why young restaurateurs are going bankrupt and the pitfalls of the restaurant business.

Sergei Khotimsk: Not all people return loans

Sergei Khotimsk created his own bank in 23 years. During the 2008 crisis, his “Sovkombank”, aimed at pensioners, lost only 3% of the deposits.

Artem Agabekov: Time – the main currency

In 2004, Artem Agabekov invested in the creation of “Factory windows” 100 thousand dollars. Today, the company’s turnover exceeds 700 million rubles. The secret of success – the Internet.