Business Secrets | Предприниматель - Part 4

Архивы рубрики ‘Business Secrets’

Alexander Kravtsov: Brand faith and way of life

Alexander Kravtsov created the brand “Expedition” 5 years ago. Today in its network includes 300 stores and annual income reached $ 15 million.

Boris Kim: The leader of the instant payments

The annual turnover of instant payments «QIWI» more than 350 billion rubles. Co-owner «QIWI» Boris Kim described how this system works.

Maxim Kochanov: Do not be afraid to take a step

Maxim Kochanov started his business 14 years and 20 years, he sold the company for 5 million rubles and is preparing to invest in a new project.

Michael Rogalsky: Sell the car for 10 minutes

Michael Rogalsky bought a domain in 1996. Today, its portal is visited by 600 thousand people, and the turnover reached 100 rubles Millin.

Malyukov Peter: I’ve always worked for myself

Malyukov Peter a young entrepreneur who started doing business in 14 years. He is now 23 years old, and the turnover of his companies have 10 million rubles.

Evgeny Demin: We will create a vaccine against dental caries

Yevgeny Demin 33 years. His company, “Splat” controls 10% market share of toothpaste and cosmetics. Eugene does not want to sell the company for even $ 500 million.

Vadim Belyaev: We sell Risks

Vadim Belyaev started the business as a middleman in the transactions of privatization. Today, the assets of his bank “Opening” exceed $ 4 billion, and the bank enters the 20 largest.

Sergey Belousov: The best programmers have

Annual turnover international software company Parallels is more than $ 100 million. At the same time the Russian market is no more than 1% of this amount.

Ksenia Ryasova: Sew clothes expensive in Russia

How to begin development of the brand Finn Flare in Russia? What clothing brands currently dominate the market? Visiting Oleg Tinkoff Woman Entrepreneur Ksenia Ryasova.

Sergey Lyalin: Clone Bloomberg will not be

In 1999 Sergey Lyalin wrote a dissertation on financial securities. Today, he owns the financial news agency with a turnover of several million.