Business Secrets | Предприниматель - Part 5

Архивы рубрики ‘Business Secrets’

Boris Titov: The Legend “Abrau Durso”

Visiting the owner Oleg Tinkoff best in the country factory of sparkling wines, Boris Titov. How to make real champagne? What is the “Wine tourism”?

Mikhail Ivanov: iPad destroy e-books

Visiting Mikhail Ivanov Oleg Tinkoff – co-owner of the publishing house “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber”. As Michael came in the publishing business? Are there effective methods to combat piracy? What are the advantages of working with «iPad» and that will be released for this platform in the near future?

Lev Khasis: Aggressive Retail

Visiting Oleg Tinkoff Lev Khasis – General Director of «X5 Retail Group». What is the criterion for the success of the capitalist? What is the difference between businessmen and entrepreneurs? Is it possible to compete with the retail store “Pyaterochka”? What are the new transformations are waiting for “Crossroads”?

Natalya Kaspersky: Spyware in every office

Natalya Kaspersky tells how the anti-virus program has helped her become the first Russian businesswomen IT-industry. Oleg Tinkoff visitor answers the questions: how to prevent leakage of company secrets and why she does not sell his business for $ 2 billion.

Gleb Fetisov: Investor – a state of mind

Gleb Fetisov – one of the most successful investors in Russia. Some of his deal to become a true legend in the world of finance. His personal fortune exceeds $ 2 billion.

Oleg Chirkunov: Top officials have come out of the business

Visiting Oleg Tinkoff head of the Russian region, a man who was a former businessman, but it is now the governor of the Perm region – Oleg Chirkunov. Communication of business and government officials sometimes runs in different languages. Why is this happening? What does a man need to live comfortably?

Alexander Evdokimov: Business aviation came out of the peak

In the new edition of the owner of «Jet group» Alexander Evdokimov showed how you can create millions of businesses without large upfront investments. Find wishing to make a private flight and a business jet for him. Just do not put profit in planes – planes of some losses.

Tony Hayes: Russian women are not feminists

In 1993, the American businessman Tony Hayes left his business in New York and arrived in Russia. Here he created the largest company neon sign «Trinity Neon» and legendary night club “Hungry Duck.” In the 18 years spent in Russia, Tony had never learned to speak in Russian.

Eugene Finkelstein: The Alla Pugacheva, we are partners

PMI Corporation owner Eugene Finkelstein organized concerts in Russia, many international stars, including Madonna. Also Eugene busy developer activity. In the construction of a new musical theater in St. Petersburg, he invests with Alla Pugacheva.

Dougan: I am the coach for success

Today, a visit to Oleg Tinkoff man of legend, a pioneer of Russian businesses, Vladimir Dougan. He started in Togliatti with a notorious production of bakery brand “Doka-Bread.” Now Dougan leads MLM company “Edelstar” and calls himself a coach for success.