Business Secrets | Предприниматель - Part 6

Архивы рубрики ‘Business Secrets’

Igor Ashmanov: Market SEO — $ 200 million

Print the site in the top ten search results Yandex — the cherished dream of every entrepreneur. This can be achieved by turning to SEO-specialists — optimizers search engine on the Internet. Visiting Oleg Tinkoff leader of the largest companies in this market.

Oleg Anisimov: How to start a company?

Oleg Tinkoff, with the participation of Oleg Anisimov released his book “I, like everyone.” For distribution Oleg Anisimov made ​​sole proprietorship. In this issue he describes in detail how to do it and how to establish credit card payments over the Internet.

David Yang: Applications of the future available today

One of the most famous and successful IT-business in Russia – David Yang, the creator of Abbyy Lingvo, Abbyy Fine Reader, and many other well-known products talks about his company, shares the secrets of IT-business. What software users expect in the future?

Kaspersky: Rescue the world from the evil computer

In the world there are two global brands Russian – Kalashnikov and Kaspersky. Offices of Eugene Kaspersky is all over the world, but in China it antiviruses are 100 million people. Experts estimate the cost of “Kaspersky Lab” in the $ 2 billion.

Philipp Ilyin-Adayev: My initial capital was $ 50 000

Philipp Ilyin-Adayev realized that the work of a journalist and PR-manager will never give him a lot of money. Then Philip created the best site about banking services and soon became a wealthy man. In this paper he helps his wife – a famous media person, she also appears in the program.

Renat Khamidulin: Do what knowledgeable

Renat Khamidulin rider retired from professional sport, and opened his business. Together with his brother, he began selling bicycles in the street, and now his company is “Cycling” was released on a turnover of EUR 1 million per year. Renat advises novice businessmen engaged in that business, which they understand.

Arkady Novikov: The problem of restaurateurs — all stolen!

Visiting Oleg Tinkoff’s most famous Moscow restaurateur Arkady Novikov. What you need to know to young restaurateurs to open a successful restaurant? Why Arkady Novikov became a member of the party “United Russia”? Why Novikov restaurants exchanged views on the beautiful Italian nature?

Alexander Mechetin: King Alcohol

How can you grow from a small businessman in the King of alcoholic beverages in Russia? Will introduce a monopoly on alcohol? What type of water used by manufacturers in the production of vodka? These and other questions are answered Mechetin Alexander – founder of “Synergy”.

Sergei Vykhodtsev: Goals must be set very ambitious

Nothing is more valued today in business, as innovation – whether new Internet technologies, instant oatmeal or non-dairy yogurt mysterious. Sergei Vykhodtsev, creator of “Invites” and “Bystrov,” and now head of the company VELLE, talk about their projects in the new issue of “Business – secrets”.

Oleg Anisimov: Housing prices fell by 10%

How to start a career businessman Edward Tiktinsky? The behavior of the housing market? Which is better to start a business today? The owner of the companies working on the development market, shares the five secrets of modern business.