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What to expect from marketing

Classic marketing techniques are no longer able to attract the consumer. How to attract customers?

Oddly enough , the consumer market continues to grow even during the crisis. In 2009 Rospatent has registered more than 28,000 trademarks. Of course, the statistics for the departed from the market brands not, but one thing is clear – the new brand is much more than the departed . How to survive against the competition? Oleg Beriev , owner and president of branding agency Mildberry, shares predictions about what will be popular in marketing in the next few years.

– Now , many say that the recession crisis in business everything will be different. This also applies to marketing. Is there any prerequisites to big changes ?

– Recent changes in marketing have nothing to do with the crisis. This is quite a natural course of events.

The classic marketing trick trust me long ago lost its popularity – “we are a big company , we offer high quality, so buy our products .” This acquisition made ​​sense in a one-way communication – people listened , but could not check the speaker, to refute his words , either to confirm . Now, when the information became available to everyone , people can listen to and evaluate what they are told . Work on the principle of trust me a lot harder.

– What are the communication with the consumer the most effective?

– It is best to build a relationship with the consumer. Whereas previously only marketing to promote a product , but now focuses on the implementation of the desires of the consumer. Many advertising campaigns are now seeking to offer a person a dream , but this principle is not so effective. More popular is the concept of values. Heard highlight its audience Harley-Davidson? ” 40 -year-old accountant, kotormu like weekend wear leather clothes for herself and scaring residents of small towns .” We are faced with the image of an office worker tending to freedom, which is limited to weekdays …

– But what’s wrong with offering people to fulfill their dreams ?

– It’s the same dream, but value addition . In this case – the sense of belonging to some kind of community , a sense of mutual support and fellowship. Pay attention to what rallies organizovuyut owners Harley-Davidson – there attracts thousands of bikers from all over the world.

– That is, marketing will be effective only by creating a community around the brand ?

– It is. But even the most original products will not be able to form a community around it , unless the values ​​shared by its users , and that this somehow relates to the product itself. Very interesting built online system of savings accounts in the United States , in which any person can fund your account , receiving monthly interest on your card . This project was launched in March 2008 , at a time of crisis , and in spite of that , now in customer accounts is more than $ 250 million this system has a rather atypical and original brand communications – piggy bank pink and wearing glasses. But the most interesting part of this project that can replenish your account parents and friends , as you can replenish their accounts . Thus, a person involved in an atmosphere of mutual support .

– And can the most common products offer the consumer value – relationship?

– Yes , of course. Enough to draw a parallel between the product and the challenge that represents a certain value. For example, take the soap. Soap – a cleanliness , nice appearance , and good self-esteem , respectively . In 2005, Dove launched the promotion of female beauty – or rather were driven standard images that exist in the society. The Foundation also organized self- Dove, who organized various photo exhibitions, online forums , school workshops in Europe, Canada and the United States . In this case, Dove soap niche is different from those in the price range brands. But the ideas that are now associated with this brand in the West, making it more valuable to consumers .

Why do foreign companies in the Russian market do not create such communications with the consumer ?

– A few years ago I happened to talk to the marketing director of a subsidiary of the Russian company a fairly large Russian companies . Then we talked about the creation of new original communication with the consumer. He then noticed that the creation of such communications for it is quite interesting , but in Russia he was unable to find a suitable frame for it . Therefore, it is more convenient to spend a couple of million dollars on advertising .

Do I need to look for new Russian brand communications with the consumer ?

– Of course , it is worth . It is hard enough , but a winner . What is the beauty of the property, so this is nothing new to invent do not need to – there are values ​​in themselves . We just need to choose the kind of value to offer to the consumer , and after that to develop the brand on this basis . But to use it always is not worth it . Markets where competition is low, does not require the creation of complex concepts. To understand what branding is necessary to apply , you need to anticipate how will change the competitive environment ( and highly competitive markets as their example will affect your market) . The concept of value , the more effective stiffer competition .

– You always offer your customers to create value?

– Always, but not every customer will be able to realize this vision . Sometimes the opposite . We participated in the development of the brand chain stores ” Respublika” . Vadim Dimov , the owner of the network , follow your intuition when choosing the concept of values. We did not even give him such advice . The shop sold the same books , gifts and music, as in all the others. But many prefer it to ” Republic” , the main audience that – young people . Perhaps it happened because the store created an environment in which they feel more comfortable .

– But a lot of companies are trying to follow the principle of ” a circle ” – for example , beer brands …

– Some brands of beer literally toying with the consumer. Indeed, some young people had borrowed some words from advertising and consumed more beer. This has contributed to increased sales , but not building relationships . Now a lot of companies that are trying to be original , but it’s far from the values ​​, but rather a desire to stand out from the rest . In addition, the right marketing is not that complicated as it seems at first glance. To please the consumer , it is necessary to understand that he is interested in , what he lives , what his habits. From a consumer need to be sincere if you want to build a lasting relationship with him . David Ogilvy once said that the consumer is not really an idiot . Consumer – it’s your wife that should not be hurt , underestimating her intelligence.

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