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Man — the most effective resource

Now the Internet is one of the fastest growing industry in the world, but at the moment there does not work very many people. At Google employs 25 000 employees, “Yandex», Mail.Ru and Facebook – approximately 2,000 in each, in Twitter – 450. The largest share of Internet traffic in the world provides a maximum of 100 thousand people.

Internet companies prefer to software algorithms. They pay the creators of these algorithms (quite justified), not the performers. But consumers are still people and they can not do without. Between the representations of the algorithm on which query is introduced into the search form, and with what they really want it will still be a large gap, which can not be solved in software. The ideal world of the Internet – this is when the Internet provides an instant answer to any question, and this world can not be built without the efforts of millions of educated people who are not always willing to work for pleasure.

These people already have. Most of the world’s population already knows how to read and write, many of them are still partially or fully unemployed. Many of them are willing to work for little money. For example, they could put in order and sort the information in the network.

Farm content Demand Media books essays answers to popular queries on Google have deleted the authors (“How to roast a chicken?” – Ed.). Trada company pays people for what they guess the popular queries to search engines. Google has invested in Trada, recognizing that some people are able to do better algorithms.

At has a special service called Mechanical Turk (in translation from English. – Mechanical Turk). Different customers place orders for recognition of images or language, translation and phrases, sentences, even creative tasks, such as essays, and put up the price for this job, and anybody can take over execution of this task. Service for many years and there is still a profitable business – the truth value of all orders, proposed at this time a little less than $ 10 thousand set the company resorted to using a living mind, but they do it on what else there is no such algorithm.

Climbed a couple of dozen sites, you can find a lot of things, but not all. For example, it is difficult to lead the way with some conditions on an unfamiliar city, find out how many work to an institution in any country in the world. But somewhere there is people who can do it without even leaving the couch. I wonder how many customers might be in search engines, search engine instead of whether a person responds to a user request. If the answer to the query is correct, then the user pays, say $ 1. Imagine how many jobs would be immediately arose!

Maybe Google will soon and it will find the answer to any question, but it does not solve the problem. Because users are constantly interested in what Google can not find. And to find it needed people. Better wisdom of crowds, can only be wisdom of the crowd, which pays a little money.

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