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Four secrets of successful negotiation

Tips Business School professor Skolkovo on how not to allow the enemy to seize the initiative .

Remember how beautiful woman in the store, begged you to buy something that you do not need . There may have been situations where sitting in a stuffy room , you had to make an important decision ? Or maybe you went to a meeting where instead of one met three gloomy opponents? If your life were such cases , it means you gave the enemy an opportunity to seize the initiative . The first rule of negotiation – do not let it happen again !

I should say that advise something to negotiate – it’s almost the same thing and create a PowerPoint presentation on how to learn to ride a bike. But still try .

To keep the initiative on your part , you need to follow the four rules.

First, you are mistaken if you think that you know everything , because never have enough information. Neither leader does not lead his army into battle without having studied before this number of the enemy and the terrain . In the age of social networks and search engines information about the person becomes available to everyone. But this should not stop . Even before the start of the negotiations you have to understand what awaits opponent , and how important it is for him that agreement . Well aware of what motivates the opponent , and what is at stake in both of you, you can have more control over the situation.

Secondly, you need to plan negotiations. Do not be afraid if the negotiations have to change it . And change it will likely need ! But in the process of negotiation , you can celebrate the decision for themselves different questions : information gathering, building relationships , getting alternative proposals to establish a framework of price , etc. Only novices tend to close the deal . But this is not the only goal , because we can always do better.

Thirdly, we must control the situation . Engage the organization process. In what way will your negotiations – in the restaurant, in the office, at the round table . Decide on the negotiating parties – it can be like talking one on one, or they may be invited other participants . If you want to show that you have other suggestions , make sure that potential buyers to call you several times during the meeting. How long these negotiations will be conducted : one or a few days? If you want a bit of pressure on the opponent , invite to a meeting with your lawyer is willing to contract. As practice shows, in the negotiation process achieves great success the party that organizes .

Finally, the fourth rule – no less important than the previous three . Always write all the agreements reached during the meeting . It happens that the most important thing to forget , or not memorize what your opponent remember : different people have different interpretations of what was said. No need to get your opponent signed a document , it is important that he agreed with everything in it stated. Do not forget : the control in the hands of someone who takes notes .

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