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Coca Cola — The success story of the legendary brand

Coca-Cola is currently the world’s most famous soft drink. If you pour all of today was created for more than 100 years, Coca-Cola’u the bottles and distribute it to all the inhabitants of our planet, each person will get about 800 bottles. Since its founding in the nineteenth century, Coca-Cola firm ranked first in the beverage market class Cola. Many times such giants like Pepsi and Sprite, tried to overthrow the father drinks cola, but they do so and failed. Today is not the best of times for the brand. Today’s youth preference for preservative-free drinks such as iced tea (Nestea owned by the same company Coca-Cola) and juices. Because of this the old-timers such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi may soon change the original formula of their drinks. The latter, for example, has introduced a completely natural drink Pepsi Raw, devoid of all sorts of colors. For many old-timers is bad news. Especially fans of the drink concerned about how it will affect the taste of the drink. After all, the original cola traces its history back to the last century. But as you know “everything has a beginning – has an end …”

A history began Coca-Cola back in 1886. In the U.S. city of Atlanta (Ga.) retired officer who worked at the time a pharmacist John Stith Pemberton invented a unique formula of the drink Coca-Cola. His famous name and logo must drink Pemberton accountant Frank Robinson, who mastered the art of fine calligraphy. Even now the name of the drink exactly as written, as in those years, it depicts Robinson.

Its name Coca-Cola certainly got no chance. It went from the ingredients used in the manufacture of beverage: coca leaves (of which incidentally make cocaine), and nuts with a tropical tree called cola. However, Pemberton was not going to make the drink popular. He patented it as a remedy for nervous disorders, roughly speaking, Coca-Cola on it’s idea is a drug for depression. The drink began to spread through a network of pharmacies, Jacob. Soon Pemberton claimed that Coca-Cola is also an excellent remedy for impotence, and is able to fight off addiction to morphine. Most likely, this was due to the fact that the drink contained cocaine itself. But it was normal for that time. Then cocaine was not prohibited, and is used in many drinks, and Sherlock Holmes used cocaine at all in the “minutes of inactivity.”

At the beginning of its existence, drink Coca-Cola did not sell very well. The first year of its launch, and did become unprofitable. In the second case leveled off, and already a widow Pemberton sold the rights to Coca-Cola’u businessman Asa Candler Grizz (who had arrived in the United States from Ireland), who in 1888 founded The Coca-Cola Company.

This popularity came to drink in 1902. In this year the company’s turnover reached 120 thousand dollars, and Coca-Cola itself has become the most famous soft drink in the U.S.. In addition, at the beginning of the century society has realized how dangerous cocaine is. The media are just attacking the company Coca-Cola, a drink that contained the drug. I had to take emergency measures. In 1903, for the production of the drink began to be used entirely squeezed out of coca leaves, which are no longer contained a known drug.

The popularity of Coca-Cola started to grow with each passing day. In many ways, this contributed to a good advertising campaign, started in the late 19th century, Candler. It was held under the slogan “Drink Coca-Cola, a beautiful and refreshing.” All the while, drink Coca-Cola was sold mainly in the bottling. No one has even thought of that sales will exceed sales of bottles of cola on tap. In 1902, now has a competitor, leading to the Coca-Cola continuous war – the company PEPSI. But while it began to conquer America, Coca-Cola has already been exported to countries such as Cuba and Panama. It was still only 1906.

Significant for the company began in 1915 when the designer of the Indiana Terri from created a new bottle for a drink of 6.5 ounces. Subsequently sold more than 6 billion bottles of drink Coca-Cola. At the same time the company starts to seriously fight against fakes. For 10 years, will close by such companies as «Candy Cola», «Kos Nola», «Cold Cola», «Cay-Ola» and «Fig Cola». The company also receives a patent for his famous bottle. She becomes a symbol of the drink.

A bottle of Coca-Cola sample 1910

A bottle of Coca-Cola sample 1910

In 1919, Candler sold by Coca-Cola banker Ernest Woodruff of Atlanta. The deal amounted to $ 25 million (at the time the state is comparable to a few billion today). One year later, the drink will come to Europe. The first country to “Old World”, which tries to become Coca-Cola France. 1923 will be a turning point for the company. To her son will come the leadership of Ernest Robert Vudrofa. Robert Vudrof become a legendary figure in the history of the company. He will stand at the helm of the next 60 years! This is especially phenomenal, considering the fact that he became the head in 33 years. Immediately after the arrival of Robert in the company appeared uniform standards for creating, filling, and even placing drinks on the shelves. Also there was a cardboard box, which could be as soon as 6 bottles.

In 1927, drink Coca-Cola was advertised on the radio. A year later, Coca-Cola has sponsored the American team at the Olympic Games in Holland. During the Olympics, went to hockey, soccer, tennis and other sports. In 1931 came the legendary Santa Claus, who to this day used in advertising Coca-Cola. A little later, the company delivered the first Pepsi serious blow to Coca-Cola, releasing his drink in bottles larger capacity for the same price at which you could buy a Coke. Coca-Cola without hesitation sued, trying to sue Pepsi part of the name, which used the word Cola. As a result, the parties came to a peace agreement. But it was only the beginning of the next war count, which has no end, and to this day.

During World War II, Coca-Cola began selling the drink to all the military for 5 cents. It was a personal order of Robert Vudrofa. By the end of the war, Coca-Cola already sold in 44 countries. It was interesting that the military did not drink sold in bottles, but the banks for their own convenience. Mass consumer can try a Coke in a bank until 1955.

In 1958, Coca-Cola launches drink Fanta, and three years later, presents a Sprite. They are both significantly different from the original Coke, and therefore able to expand the company’s influence on the soft drinks market. Unfortunately, in the USSR, Coca-Cola never really sold. This was due to the fact that Khrushchev chose her company Pepsi. Cola will appear in Russia (more in the USSR) in 1988 alone for a long time and will seriously give Pepsi in sales volume.

In 1982, Coca-Cola launches Diet Coke Diet Coke. In the short term, this product was a huge success, but in the long term is the linear expansion has not led the company to no good. Roughly the same can be said of most other drinks Coke, among which the «Classic Coke», «New Coke», «Cherry Coke», «Diet Coke», «Tab», «Caffeine-Free New Coke», «Caffeine-Free Diet Coke »and« Caffeine-Free Tab ». The greatest success achieved Tab, not identified with the usual Coca-Cola.

During the war, Pepsi Cola and the latter has occasionally caused problems. The first time it happened, when Pepsi launched its legendary campaign of “new generation chooses Pepsi». Power of the campaign was the fact that in all times, children try to be different from the parents in any way oppose myself to them. Given the fact that most of the time parents drank Coca-Cola’u the advertisement is perfectly worked for Pepsi. The second point was the refusal of Coca-Cola on it, perhaps the best advertising campaign, a slogan which was “the real thing.” Nevertheless, despite these shortcomings in its history, Pepsi never once failed to even overtake the market share from Coca-Cola. That, however, does not prevent the company prosper.

In Russia, where according to 1991 sales of Pepsi in the 10 times the sales of Coca-Cola has changed only in 1998. This year, drink Coca-Cola was sold as early as three times more than Pepsi. Generally, the popularity of the first in our country most likely due to a very good Christmas advertising campaign, which turned out to be like the majority of Russians (meaning the campaign “Festival comes to us”). And other videos drink, such as “Finding Neverland” and “Let everything be Coca-Cola” (about the love of young people) are our most popular (and not just ours) than expensive commercials Pepsi with the stars of world football, headed by with David Beckham. The reason is that in the ads last look at the Beckham’s for more than a drink.

Bank of Coca-Cola sample 1995

Bank of Coca-Cola sample 1995

Now the three most popular drinks Coca-Cola owns 80% of the market of drinks cola (it: Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite). Also, thanks to the increasing popularity of drinks with no dyes, Coca-Cola Company has been producing a series of juices Minute Maid, as well as in partnership with Nestle manufactures iced tea Nestea. Here it should be noted that Pepsi c Lipton is in a better position. At the end of the XX century, Coca-Cola acquired the rights to drink from Schweppes Cadbury. This drink is particularly popular in Europe.

Often, in the marketing literature you read, you can not be everything to everybody. Indeed not. However, there is one exception. This company Coca-Cola, has existed for over 100 years. Today, Coca-Cola sells its beverages in more than 200 countries. In addition, Coca-Cola is today the most recognizable brand. Its recognition is 98 percent. This means that almost every person on the planet knows what Coca-Cola. Also worth noting is that the company Coca-Cola Company today is the best in the world. Every day in the world sells more than 1 billion bottles of drinks from this company. What are the prospects, you ask? All will be Coke, the brand has long been quietly transformed, but the values ​​it carries for over 100 years, remain the same.

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