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“For me the competition is not a question of money”

Ecwid — a platform that allows you to create an online store in minutes directly into the social networking site user or not I have a familiar interface. Ecwid services have already benefited about 25 000 users worldwide. The creator of this service, Ruslan Fazlyev talks about his project.

— Who are your customers?

— Anyone. During the World Cup in South Africa, people have used the service Ecwid, embedding an online store in the profile Facebook, to sell vuvuzely. In America, the lives of eight young boy who sells comics. Many organizers of conferences and various events — ustanovivi Ecwid, they can not use the services of intermediaries, and sell the tickets themselves. Then there are the manufacturers of machine tools, they are also beneficial to sell the machines through its website, without intermediaries. Our site is currently in Russian but we believe that it is important to first become a global player, but you can always locate the project.

— How did the project, which has no analogues in the world, was born in Ulyanovsk?

— Very easy. I had a girl in Ulyanovsk, she had a rich daddy, and she was not going to go anywhere. So I had to become rich without leaving the Ulyanovsk. I gave up college and started a business. Then the programmer in Ulyanovsk received an average of $ 200, I wanted to earn at least $ 400 , but a month later turned out much better. (In 2002 Fazlyev founded “Creative Development”, which creates software for online stores, including its products, F-Cart, X-Cart and LiteCommerce). I succeeded, has earned a lot of money, I have 150 people working. But the fact that we started to do ten years ago, are now engaged in hundreds of companies . Plus I have several people pulled out overnight in the project through money from venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. This has spurred the creation of a new startup. Those who took the team Ecwid, money does not lure — we create products that will benefit people around the world. I think this idea is in the valley would encourage less people than in Ulyanovsk. To some extent retreat fosters creativity, especially since the Internet opens up the world, gives the flow of information. Of course, it is very important to travel to attend the conference.

— Just think about globally?

— We originally wrote everything in English. Volunteers have translated into 25 languages, including Chinese. On the Russian translation, by the way, a big problem: words long. And we have the principle — not to make garbage. Either we do well or do not do .

— We believe in success have been?

— We were confident that once Ecwid shoot, waiting for applause. But when the posted release, the first day, only 70 registered users . I, for schatyu remembered that on the first day FedEx also sent all three parcels. I read that perseverance — one of the attributes of great companies . We worked, worked, and a lot of users will soon appear.

— What about monetization?

— Same. While on paid accounts — is $ 17 per month — just passed 400 users . We analyzed why. Now stepping up the difference between the options free and paid account — for example, SEO-optimized, faster delivery of content due to the fact that it lies on the adjacent server Amazon. We can see that sales in the shops customers grow, we hope, will grow and the amount they are willing to spend on our services.

— Can you explain in a nutshell, the essence of technology?

— Ecwid — first 100% AJAX-card, based on technologies that have emerged recently. I wanted to do something similar in 2004, but it was physically impossible. No problem to write such a thing as Ecwid, for example, in JavaScript. But the problem is that it is the same in different browsers work . Ecwid integrated even with social networks. Can a store and online, and to insert social network and control it all from a single panel. Social shopping, by the way, is very big trend.

— What other trends seem interesting to you?

— The main growth now gives users who come to the Internet from mobile devices. Especially in developing countries where not everyone has computers. Africans insure crops via SMS, and Nokia even released a phone that is recharged from a bike ride.

— What you need to succeed startup?

Most important thing — perseverance, especially in Russia. If you want to create something, then go and create something that now, with money that you have, and then you will succeed. And to sit and think, “I have brilliant idea,” wait until someone gives her a lot of money … the implementation of ideas are worth nothing. Only implementation shows who can really earn money on the idea.

— Investors are going to attract?

— While I have put my money in Ecwid. Western investors are looking for, but we are not interesting to their money and expertise, helping to build a global business.

— expect a lot of money?

— I do not get so far no money from this project. But for me competition is not a question of money . My business has to be the most successful in the market, my brand is bound to win, and the money — this is, relatively speaking, points in the game. Therefore, they want more and more. And not to make the car more expensive to buy.

— That girl is your wife, incidentally, has become?

— Yes, of course.

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