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How to open an online store Shipping

Ukraine is a country with poor structure, delivery, and at least for the moment almost all the courier services have created a model partnership with the online stores, it still is not perfect. If we take the example, whose stations are products found in virtually all large and medium cities, the other online stores, things are not so great. By what means of delivery must be used to quickly, efficiently and without delay, deliver the goods to his buyer.

Own delivery service

recently opened an online store «» Natalia Kulakov decided to acquire their own couriers to deliver products. “Delivery of products — a very delicate matter. Own couriers can be taught, for example, do not put bags on the ground to monitor the location of food packages to household chemicals and products were separated. There is no guarantee that it will be observed in the courier service is not “- Natalie complains.
of the benefits: The possibility of continuous monitoring and polishing service quality. The operator of the service delivery after the order immediately calls back and asks whether the time was brought to order and gave a courier delivery and if there are any claims.

the minuses: Most of staff turnover. “Decent people in the office messenger to find very problematic. Eight hours to run through the city, sometimes in crowded public transport and in the cold — tends to scare people, “- says the author of” How to open an online store, “Alain Salber.

Couriers in outsourcing

You can instruct the shipping company specializing in express delivery. Couriers give yourself a check to the buyer, after which the money in the accounts are first courier company, and then send them to the online store. The usual fee for such services — 1.5-3% of the delivered goods, said Ivan Matveev, CEO, specializing in such services under the name IM Logistics.

of the benefits: It does not require full-time accountant and couriers. “In theory it is believed that outsourcing relieves you from the problems of delivery and you can safely do business”, — says Love Kozyrev, owner of online store children’s products «».

the minuses: During the peak load courier express service is not always cope with their commitments. “We had a case where the carriers are constantly postponing delivery, the goods were detained for a week. We knew nothing about it. The client of course, refused the order, “- says Kozyrev.


Logistics service with the most developed infrastructure in the country today is still “Ukrposhta”. With this government agency can send goods to any destination in Ukraine and the world shipping costs. Because of the old mentality of people are still wary of the Internet, so this method of delivery is very popular among customers. Timing and cost of shipping can quickly find on the site.

of the benefits: The “Ukrposhta” 31 branches, about 20 000 postal facilities that provide 50 kinds of services throughout Ukraine, including all towns and villages.

the minuses: Despite the rich infrastructure, post offices are almost always a queue. Moreover, “Ukrposhta” has a list of items prohibited for transfer. With cash on delivery, if the buyer took the goods, you will have to pay not only the delivery of goods at destination (if the customer took delivery of the goods that he paid with the order), but also the delivery of goods for shipping back. “We decided that we send goods COD will be only verified buyers” — says the owner of the «» Love Kozyrev.

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