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Ex-pats in Ukraine: the pros and cons

Yuriy Atanasov, CEO of the holding “Centravis” of typical mistakes in hiring expats, their strengths and priority of teamwork.

Immediately answer the question: Yes, an international team can be effective in the management of the Ukrainian company. Another thing is that for some businesses this team is like a luxury car: for the image to have a pretty good, but on our roads makes sense to go for something simpler.

For me, it is abundantly clear that the global business development – is a stable trend, which involves including local companies. Even while remaining a local, any company is increasingly experiencing competition from international agents, or involved in an international project through close interaction with their customers. In any case, an expat – this is a good support for a team that strives to reach an international level of management. Attracting foreign expert significantly accelerates the development team. Moreover, this HR-reception should be a way to not only address specific short-term goals of the company, but to pursue a global goal: to actively develop the capacity of the whole team.

The presence of expat tops – is a strong factor in building a positive company image in the eyes of foreign partners. But the bottom line, of course, not individual stars on a gray sky. The impression will be much stronger if the external observer sees a balanced team, feels like she interacts effectively, providing a stable result.

Foreign experts have an obvious advantage over managers who have learned the native style of management. Expatriates are building a business on the Western model, which is based on principles such as the promotion of local initiatives, a clear delineation of responsibilities, feedback from subordinates. But after some time, and the company has already created the appropriate corporate culture that generates its own distinct candidates for the top position among the key leaders of the average.

Today Centravis sells seamless stainless steel pipe in 70 countries. This does not mean that our team has come from each region. But I know that, if necessary strategic decision to market such as Germany, I must draw to consult the German. Moreover, for the expertise we can draw more than one or two expatriates, and to organize the discussion by inviting foreign experts 5.10, each of which has its own point of view. When there is expertise, which consists of the views of managers, to work in different countries, the risk of a decision, which would run counter to the culture and practices of the target market is much lower.

From his personal experience of communication with foreign experts, I want to note their greater openness to new knowledge and experience.

I have long paid attention to one interesting feature: the larger is the professional manager, the more it is open to new knowledge, does not hesitate to ask questions and to show respect for the expertise of colleagues. This quality is often not enough local managers.

Among the cons – “Lost in Translation.” Obviously, this is the main obstacle to the formation of international teams. On the other hand, the presence of foreigners in the team as nothing more than stimulate the increase language proficiency of other employees.

I want to mention two typical mistake made by the Ukrainian enterprises, attracting foreign experts. First of all, no work experience, education and certifications are not one hundred percent guarantee that this specialist will really benefit the company. An unfortunate fact is that many ex-pats with good diplomas, but with poor results are ready to accept work in the Ukraine because they can not find anything suitable at home.

Second, high-quality expert, imported from abroad – is the possibility of development, which still need to be able to properly use it. And if it should be, for example, in charge of sales in Ukraine, consider that you have missed this opportunity. Everyone should be in place and the place of an alien – is a strategic questions (if top), or foreign markets or foreign customers in the domestic market. Rash to expect from an American manager, not speaking in Russian, a rapid effect in the management of our production.

I propose to treat foreigners as experts, bearers of knowledge, working in specific markets. In all other Ukrainians and foreigners – are the same managers. The only question of competence, the ability to correctly solve the problem.

In fact, in the end there is only one criterion for assessing the success of integration in the expat team – this is his reputation among his colleagues. Just being authoritative manager will be a leader and lead the changes his team ahead.

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