Eray Tour travel company left the Ukrainian market, unseasoned competition | Предприниматель

Eray Tour travel company left the Ukrainian market, unseasoned competition

Other market players were of the opinion that the company is not bankrupt, and left the Ukrainian market, due to high competition.

“They have officially declared that that will cease to work in Ukraine. We had an agreement with them, our company was selling them our product in Egypt. And they encroached on our market, without calculating its features. In consequence, they had to suspend their operations, “- said Arkady Maslov, managing director TEZ TOUR. According to the same Arkadi Maslow, the Ukrainian market is very big, and it stiff competition.

Found out that the company continues to work quietly on the market in Turkey and Iran. “With us they have paid. We do not have to Eray Tour of claims is not “- says Maslov.

Head of Eray Tour in Ukraine was Ergül BCL, who previously headed the other Turkish operator Karya Tour, from its inception, in 2003. In June 2010, the activities of Karya Tour has been suspended. Then five thousand tourists who bought vouchers from Karya Tour, began to evacuate from Turkish hotels. Tourists are told that Karya Tour did not pay for booked rooms.

After the bankruptcy of Karya Tour, once the market went the other operator Eray Tour, then started the scandal, saying the company simply changed its sign and continues to work after the incident. But the information is not confirmed.


Eray Tour Company was founded in Turkey in 2000, and since 2003 has taken tourists from Russia, since 2005 – from Ukraine and Lithuania, Serbia, Albania, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

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