Exit poll: Parliamentary elections 2014 | Предприниматель

Exit poll: Parliamentary elections 2014

Given the low turnout of the elections to the parliament in 2006, Ukrainian voters decided on a vector of development of the country in the next 5 years.

According to the International exit poll, the Verkhovna Rada are 7 games with the results:



Block Petro Poroshenko – 22.2%

Narodny Front (Arseniy Yacenuk) – 21.8%

Party Andrey Sadovogo  “Samopomosh” – 14.2%

Radical Party Lashko Oleg – 6.4%

The Opposition block – 7.8%

Block of Right Forces “Svoboda” – 5.8%

VO “Batkivshina” – 5.6%

Exit poll Verkhovna Rada in 2014

Exit poll Verkhovna Rada in 2014

These exit polls suggest that the Prime Minister, voters still want to see Yatsenyuk, which will compete with the Bloc Poroshenko for first place in the final results of the elections. Voter confidence for the second was higher than his associates (note: Poroshenko in the presidential race scored 54.7%) in the parliamentary elections Block Poroshenko ahead of everyone, but with minimum disruption. Third place was taken by the party measure patriot gardens, which surprised the local elections in Kyiv council, and now surprised at the elections to the Verkhovna Rada. The primary analysis of electoral lists suggests that the present convocation will be many new and young faces. This gives hope that the new vision will affect the veteran, and yet the rules by which Parliament operates its second decade vary, parliamentarians and finally take on the notorious corruption in the public sector.

The primary and most important task – is the creation of the coalition, the results of which will be created by the government, the government, which should pull the country out of the debt crisis, and finally finish the military conflict in the interests of Ukraine.

Next to each party specifically …

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