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Ukraine is in the export of grain

Ukraine ranked third in terms of exports of barley, the percentage is 16.7% of the world market, the export of maize fourth (6%), the export of wheat sixth (5.4%). Because of last year’s drought with a grain of less fortunate, the government had to impose quotas on exports, so as not to leave people without bread. This was reported by a representative of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Ukrainian farmers grew 39.2 million tons of grain, 16.8 million tons of which is wheat, barley 8.5 million tons and 11.9 million tonnes of maize.

The actual export of grain from the beginning of the year amounted to 7 million tons: barley – 2.4 million tons, wheat – 2.6 million tonnes and maize – 1.9 million tons.

During the meeting, representatives from the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Production, Ministry of Economic Development, with Betsy Herfnerom (Director of the Trade Mission of the United States of America on Russia and Eurasia), who expressed some comments on the policy on the grain market in Ukraine, namely, the quota exports and attracting grain traders to finance crop by forward purchases, saying it is contrary to WTO requirements.

However, the decision on quotas were notified and made available directly through the WTO Secretariat. Ukrainian position on this issue was presented November 18, 2010 in the meetings of the WTO Committee on Agriculture, and is represented at meetings with representatives of the Trade, Standing and the Department of Agriculture of the USA at the WTO.

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