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Financial literacy is very low Ukrainians

The level of financial literacy plays an important role in the development of a modern and efficient state. Of course there are other indicators of how the tax system, an attractive investment laws, the guarantees of private property and many other very important things, but first of all important financial literacy.

In Ukraine, financial literacy is not just low, it is almost no different than superficially and are respectable institutions, for example, banks or outright criminals.

Recently as a regional mission of the U.S. Agency for International Development in Ukraine (USAID), released a poll more than two thousand Ukrainians from all regions on the issue of financial literacy and loyalty to financial services.

Results of the study revealed that 39% of citizens have never had a bank account, and the most common financial services is to pay utility bills through a bank (78%), the use of bank accounts and credit card (61%), making payments through the terminals of payment systems (38% ), and currency exchange (31%).

It is interesting that more than 60% of Ukrainians consider themselves to be financially literate, 22% of them rated their competence as “good” and “excellent” and 41% – as “satisfactory.”

However, only 22% of respondents gave five correct answers to seven questions fairly easy to finance, without which even the family budget is difficult to manage.

Only 2% of the population invests in private pension or investment funds and buys stocks or bonds.

There is a paradoxical situation in which the Ukrainians have accumulated a fantastic amount (according to various estimates under the cushion of the population is around $ 50-70 billion, excluding the deposit), but the economics of this is not hot, not cold.

Do Ukrainians are so stupid that they lose such investment opportunities? Are other than deposits and money invested nowhere?

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