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Financial performance of the restaurant

Many leading experts believe that the key to a successful restaurant is usually four quarters of 25% – the cost or fudkost, 25% of the costs – room rental, 25% – payroll employees, 25% – profit restaurant. Tatyana Melnikova (restaurant “Khachapuri”) also believes that in a normal restaurant profit can not exceed 25% of the . – If the profit is greater, so personnel costs reduced by up to death, or is cheating customers “. The average profitability of projects in the market is 15%. If less, not worth powder and shot.

According to Tatyana Melnikova, if 32% of the cost – the restaurant is not a long stretch. It’s worth noting that the cost of meals is growing every year, because there is inflation, prices rise. Vladislav Dudakov (“KofeHauz”) cautions – “This year began with inflation, the street food crisis, food prices are growing and will grow anywhere else in the 10% accurate.”

The maximum payback period – two to two and a half years. If the profit after two years of work to be seen, then either place was not chosen well or does not match the concept, or pick up experience and skills management, either – they steal.

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