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Firtash not need “Azot” Kolomoisky, he needs IPF

Firtash said Dneprodzerzhinsk “DniproAzot” he is not interested. Recall at this point the plant belongs to Igor Kolomoisky. “None. I do not think we need this plant – “DniproAzot” – said the disgraced businessman. But, as Igor Kolomoisky, Dmitry Firtash interesting Odessa port.

“… Igor Kolomoisky probably like us, wants to take part in privatization of Odessa Portside Plant. He has a “Ukrnafta”, ie, gas, and he had no reason to sell the company. For me, this plant is not critical. OPP only “, – said Firtash.

Firtash predicts great fight for the SCR. Applicants for it always had, but now their number is greater than ever.

The tender for the sale of IPF was held last year, while it involved companies Igor Kolomoisky, Konstantin Grigorishin and “Sibur”.

“The fight is expected serious, go all. Yara to attend, but the first game will be to build the Russians. Who will buy – that is another question. We will fight”, – he assured.

Firtash sure that the state should sell the company. “It benefits from a little state, with the cost of gas will soon have to subsidize it” – he explained.

According to Firtash, most Russians are interested in the enterprise. “The Russians need at the end of the SCR handler. There are three points in the world, where nitrogen fertilizers are sold. Handling of Odessa Portside Plant – this is one of them “- he says.

Giving the Russians Odessa Port, Ukraine will lose some advantages, says the businessman.

“Togliatti” after two or three months of launching its handling, and Ukraine will lose some benefits. It is a fact. The Russians are trying to diversify their markets. Why would they give Ukraine earn if they can build yourself a terminal on the same Black Sea? Roughly speaking, “Togliatti” must come up with amiakoprovodom. And then the IPF in the price will fall”, – predicts Firtash.

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