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Gennady Axelrod — new debt or old conflicts?

September 17, 2011, at 3 pm, Gennady Korban and his friend, developer Gennady Axelrod, dined at the restaurant “Pepperoni” near the park Shevchenko, during lunch at the site of an explosion of summer – it went off, then both the businessman came to the hospital and escaped with minor bruises and fractures. After the incident, said Gennady Korban attack:

– Do you think that trying to kill you or your business partners?
– I believe that an attempt on me. Business Gennady Axelrod quite peaceful and creative – he builds shopping centers. Oleg Levin, as I said, suffered less than others.

After the assassination (September 17, 2011) found out that the company “PFG SPARTA” vice-president is Axelrod Gennadiy Ilich has filed a lawsuit against itself and requests to declare bankruptcy because it can not pay the debt of $ 668.7 million . UAH several creditors, including the main creditor bank “Forum”, which the company “PFG SPARTA” to UAH 362 million (this amount was used for the construction of two houses Akselhoff Boutique Hotel and Residential Complex “Kudashevsky”). The key to this loan was the shopping center “Europa”, but without going through all the restrictions he had nevertheless been resold several times unknown offshore companies. In his statement of claim lawyers of “PFG SPARTA” indicated that the company has no property assets sufficient to meet the full requirements of all creditors, which means that the portion of debt that can not repay SPARTA simply write off the court. Moreover, before filing the complaint came from the founders, Gennady Axelrod, Myron Levin and Oleg Sosnowski. Ownership structure PFG LLC “SPARTA” and the conflict we wrote earlier .

April 14, 2012, at 17:30, after 7 months, there was another attack on a representative group of “Private” as a result of which was killed by Gennady Axelrod , whose business according to Gennady Korban is a peaceful and constructive. At the moment it became known that the construction of a new shopping center “Passage,” an estimated cost of about $ 100 million was taken by a new loan, which has not yet given. After the introduction of an object “Passage” was only 1.5 years, while the payback period of such projects even in the face of Ukraine at least 7-10 years.

And now constructively on the causes of the attempt:

Old debts

Bankruptcy LLC PFG “SPARTA”, which was held in April 2011 actually made it possible to avoid the payment of arrears in the amount of 668.7 mln. However, the experience of the lawsuit, which the bank sent a forum about bankruptcy eruption of SPARTA is in production at least a year, but in reality, 2-3 years, hence the time of the lawsuit has not yet happened, and I can not believe that German shareholders of the bank Commerzbank, which owns Bank Forum will address issues like this.

New debt

October 1, 2011 in the center of Kiev has opened a new shopping center “Passage”, at an estimated cost of $ 100 million facility, the majority of this amount was taken on loan. However, as shown by the investment experience and return on such projects as the shopping center “Passage” even if highly profitable Ukrainian market from just five years, hence the reason the attempt because of the new debt is absurd.

Old conflicts

The hatchet between the group of “Private” and Pavel Lazarenko is not buried ever since the ’90s, when such facilities as the Department Store, Children’s World, located in the central avenue of Karl Marx in Dnepropetrovsk, formerly owned by nominees Pavel Ivanovich suddenly changed the owner.

It is unfortunate that business conflicts in Ukraine is still not resolved in the courts and the criminal plane. This is not conducive to the business mood in the country.

To be continued …

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